5 Ways to Make Your Breasts Appear Larger and Hard

5 Ways to Make Your Breasts Appear Larger and Hard


If there is any part of the female body that seems most attractive and appealing to the opposite sex, it is the breast. The reason is quite obvious- men are more interested in a woman’s boobs than any other part of their body. In fact many of them are so obsessed about it that it affects their choices of a mate. A heavy back side may cause them to stare, but a large firm cup on your chest will make them burn with passion for you. Surely you will glow with more confidence and beauty; but what if you had really small breasts or very large ones or the saggy type? Is there any chance you can make them larger and firmer?

For many years, women from various backgrounds have always shared a common problem when it comes to their physical make-up; and that is having the perfect breast size and shape. While there are few lucky ones that are blessed with beautiful perky breasts, many are less unfortunate. Before now, various methods have been used by fashionable women to improve their breasts size and texture. A good example is the use of corsets in the Victorian era. However this special gown only made the boobs to appear bigger; nothing more. Once it was taken off, the breasts had to return to their normal size. Nowadays, corsets are out-dated and you will not look normal if you are found wearing one.

While contemporary fashion may no longer permit the use of corsets, the desire for firm, perky breasts is still an important aspect of every woman’s life. In fact, most women spend more money on surgeries now more than ever trying to achieve that perfect picture of big, sexy, firm and attractive breasts as depicted by the media. Although these methods may work faster but they are not always without their side effects, which could be very harmful in extreme cases. The good news is that there are still some useful techniques you can apply to realize your fullest breast potential. These techniques will help you achieve larger and firmer breasts naturally without putting in much effort or money. Let’s quickly go through the best of them.

Mind the way you dress

For any woman who wants to look stunning, you definitely want to achieve an ideal breast size. Fashion matters more than anything else when it comes to looking beautiful with bigger boobs. A good way to make your breasts larger and firmer is by wearing the right clothing. long dresses and fitting tops are good examples. Make sure your clothes are designed in such a way that they bring out your figure.

Wear a good brassiere

Are you sure you are wearing the right bra? Observation proves that a greater percentage of women are either using the wrong bra size or the wrong style. It takes only a perfectly fitted bra to perk up your puppies so that your husband will get drawn to their nice shapes. You might actually think there is nothing wrong with your choice for bras until you decide to get fitted. So how you get the perfect brassieres? Simple…focus on size and style. Use push up bras if you have small breasts. This will help your breasts appear bigger and firmer. However if you’ve got an overload (large tits) then you need something that will hold them together so that they will look better. You can use sports bras or full cup bras to achieve this.

Whichever bra you decide to go for, just make sure they have appealing styles.

Message your breasts regularly

Daily breasts message can help restore your saggy tits and make them look young again. Make it a routine to always message your breasts regularly and on a daily basis. For best results, use a breast enhancement cream like Brestrogen which is very effective for building firmer breasts.

Maintain a good posture

A drooping posture can make your boobs to appear saggy and less noticeable. Maintaining a proper posture every time does not only improve the size and figure of your breasts, it also contributes to the general structure of your body. So the next time you stand or sit, try to do it the right way, bearing in mind that a bad posture can ruin your appearance.

Keep a healthy routine and diet

There are certain foods you can take to naturally improve your breast size. Fruits, herbs, cherries and water are good examples of foods which contain essential nutrients that can help to improve the elasticity and shape of your puppies. Do you also know that regular chest exercises like push up and bench press can help you achieve firmer breasts?

Although there are no muscles in your boobs, you can still build firmer and larger breasts by sticking to a healthy routine. Regular exercises and a proper diet plan will not only help keep your weight in check, they will also help in building pectoral muscles which will make your boobs to be bigger. Try to limit sugary drinks, and junk foods which usually impair the development of the breasts.


Almost every woman always wants to look perfect in their appearance, and there is no doubt that the breasts are always the centre of attraction for most men. While you may opt to spend thousands of dollars on expensive medical procedures like breasts implants or surgical operations, it is advisable to also consider the risk involved and the pain that comes afterwards. Some women have even lost their lives in the hands of careless doctors during such operations. While the methods above may not guarantee you any quick result, they are definitely healthier and safer than going under the knife.

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