Why Combining Diet, Supplements and Fitness can Supercharge your Weight loss Results

Why Combining Diet, Supplements and Fitness can Supercharge your Weight loss Results


If you want to get truly fit, it is not enough to just eat right, or take supplements or exercise. What are you saying? Isn’t that all I see and hear on TV, radio and read on the web? I need to eat less junk, be more active, and take vitamins and minerals. Yes, you do.


Here is what I mean. All of these are perfectly fine on their own, but if you combine fitness, diet and supplements, you will get powerful results. Results that can give you more energy, a more fit body and help you to live a healthier lifestyle. Who doesn’t want that?


A Triple Threat, by definition, is a three-fold approach to excellence in sports, arts or life.  Implementing this concept puts you over the edge, above your competition or peers.  It gives you the leg up, the advantage.  It accelerates your progress, your drive and your motivation.  The Triple Threat is the answer when others ask, “How did you do it?”  It is the secret formula to successful goals in any endeavor.


First coined in 1924, for a football player, a Triple Threat player is expert in all aspects of the game – running, kicking and passing the ball.  For a performer, it is excelling in dance, voice and acting.  For a physician, it is being a doctor that is a researcher, a teacher and a clinician.  The combination of three skills into one makes them unique, valuable and noticed for their accomplishments.


In fitness terms, a person who has taken advantage of three parts to achieve their goals –


  1. Physical activity in the form of aerobic exercises, muscle group training and body strengthening.
  1. Diet in the form of food choices, food sources and food preparation.
  1. Weight loss supplements such as adiphene to enhance, support and complete their daily dietary needs.


85% of women when they look in the mirror hate what they see. Most men are less than satisfied as well. We are living in a constant state of stress, which increases our belly weight, puts us at risk for heart diseases and anxiety, and causes us to have food cravings. In addition, the lack of exercise and proper nutrition can account for most of the chronic illnesses seen in physician examining rooms and ERs.


Perhaps that is why millions of dollars are spent each year on fitness equipment, diet plans and supplements. Losing weight and/or getting into shape is the number one New Year’s Resolution – and also the first one likely to be broken.

Look at it this way. If you add yeast, liquid and oil to flour, these three ingredients will interact with each other to make the bread rise and taste the best. Leave one of the ingredients out, and it does not turn out as well. The same is true for your body.  Diet, supplements and exercise can all work together to produce results you want.


Exercise, good nutrition and supplementing your diet with wholesome, natural herbs, vitamins and minerals are necessary tools to reaching and maintaining maximum fitness


If you are serious about improving your body, overall health and your life, these are the key ingredients you need to include in your daily routine.  Skipping one or more will not only give you disappointment, but it will slow down your progress, or worse be counter-productive.


Yes, it takes time, motivation and persistence. If it did not, everyone would be fit and healthy, but it is achievable. You can be the extreme, the one that stands out in the crowd. However, more than that, you can actually enjoy life and better serve others when you are fit and healthy.