Tips for Fitness Beginners Before Working Out

Tips for Fitness Beginners Before Working Out


Before beginning any fitness program, please go see your family doctor and get a good physical examination. This should also include a blood work up.  You need your body’s system to function in a healthy way and get your medical professional’s permission before beginning any exercise program.


For example, poorly functioning kidneys can become worse if you go on a high protein diet, which is the diet most people follow who are interested in building muscle mass. You need to make sure also that your liver and heart can withstand physical activities.


  • For kidney function evaluation, get a creatine and BUN.
  • For cardiovascular, check your cholesterol and triglycerides levels, your C-reactive protein and homocysteine levels.
  • For liver function testing get a GGT, SGOT, SGPT and alkaline phosphatase level done.
  • Men, get a prostrate exam and both genders should have their hormone levels checked.
  • A full thyroid panel can verify hormone levels and assure your metabolism is properly functioning.
  • Make sure you are not deficient in vitamin D, iron, or other essential vitamins and minerals.


Once your doctor clears you, and know your limitations and have set your goals for improvement, your exercise options are as follows

  1. Go to a gym


  1. Have your own exercise equipment at home.


Tips for a beginner, it may be best to join a gym;

for two main reasons:

The first reason is for instruction, as a beginner who needs guidance in what equipment to use and how to use it. You will find professionals at a gym who can give you guidance in what equipment is best for you; what weight levels and what routines you should implement to meet your goals; and what exercises you should include to help you reach them. Having a spotter who can watch your performance, teach you different levels that are used, and instruct you on how to get the most benefits from a specific machine or device is essential in the beginning.


The second reason is motivation; until daily exercise becomes a routine, people need a push. Coaches and mentors who have done what you want to do can give you the inspiration and encouragement you need to keep going. It takes 30 days to form a habit.  It also takes a motivating force; Often times, when paying for membership with your hard earned money and having a friend or a family member to support you are enough to persuade people to stick with the program