What Are Men and Women’s Opinions About Casual Sex?

What Are Men and Women’s Opinions About Casual Sex?



Now more than ever, casual sex is on everybody’s lips. People are more opened now than they used to be to one night stands where emotional bonding is unnecessary and where the physical pleasure is the main point. In the age of social medias like Facebook, it is getting easier to meet new people. Moreover, applications like Tinder make it more simple for strangers who are looking for a hookup, no strings attached. Who have never had fantasies of having sex with someone for fun, without looking for a serious relationship? Well, although hookup culture is more common than before, men and women still tend to have different opinions about it. Stereo-typically, it is believed that women are more incline to have sex when emotions are involved. On the other hand, men seem to care more about the physical act, no matter if feelings are part of the game. Is this really true though or are we just being blinded by these cliches? That raises a question : what are men and women’s opinions about casual sex?


It’s Highly Recommended to Stay Away from Casual Sex and replace it with marriage; Marriage is a Blessing 


After all, it seems like the stereotypes might not be totally wrong. Indeed, it is said that women are most likely going to refuse the thought of casual sex and tend to regret afterwards if they actually do it. Is this really because no emotions were involved though? Not necessarily ( fornication is a sin). Some may simply feel like they have been too easy and then feel guilty. Overall, their motivations to be unwilling are mostly related to their self-esteem and their pride more than the absence of a love story.