Why Having More Sex With your Wife is Beneficial

Why Having More Sex With your Wife is Beneficial


Having sex on a regular basis with your wife is healthy and improves the relationship; the are many good reasons why having sex is good for your overall health:

Reason #1: those who have sex at least once a week can help treat a cold by stimulating certain antibodies of the immune system.

Reason #2:  making love with your wife can decrease the blood pressure and lower your risk of heart disease.

Reason #3: it’s a form of exercise which help workout your body and burn more calories especially when you are on the top

Reason #4: during orgasm, the body can block pain so it’s more effective than using pain killer pills; and if you had multi-orgasm, it will do wonders.

Reason #5: sex on a regular basis can make you fall asleep much faster because some hormones are produced during sexual intercourse that play a big role in relaxation and make you less depressed

Reason #6 there’s a study suggesting that enjoying sex very often with your wife or husband, can make you look younger because of sex hormones.

Reason #7 women and wives will love this reason; making love to your husband will make him committed to you and he will not have enough energy to fool around with other women; imagine having your own sex toy boy.

Reason #8 when having regular sex, you can seduce your husband with a new lingerie design, like a sexy bra and panties, or if you increased your breasts size whether through surgery or using a breast enhancement cream to show your partner the perky merchandise you posses; always remember you have a beautiful body.

in summary, married couples need to do their best to improve their sexual appetite and make their relationship stronger through sexual connection. Sex does wonders by reducing your anxiety, depression, and providing you with an emotional support that will make life much easier to bare