Breasts : Why are They an Iconic Symbol of Women’s Beauty

Breasts : Why are They an Iconic Symbol of Women’s Beauty



From the sculptures of the ancient art to the covers of Playboy Magazine, breasts have always been an iconic symbol of women’s beauty. They might appear in different shapes and in different colours, but they all represent the same; the beauty and the strength of a woman. It is no surprise that men appreciate them, not to say many are obsessed with them, but why are they so appealing? Why boobs raise so much curiosity and fascination at the same time?


Let’s be honest: boobs are often referred as being a sexual asset. They are known to increase sexual drive and they are often used as a sexual object during sexual activities. Some might even consider them as a sexual organ since they are a stimulus and a significant source of pleasure for women. Hidden behind a shirt or a bra, they arouse curiosity of men, but also of other women. There is a reason why it’s hard not to look at a woman’s cleavage: boobs truly fascinate.


With years and especially with the social medias which are trapping us in bad patterns of believing we need to fit in a particular mould, breasts have been raising different questions: are they a good size? If not, should plastic surgery be considered, or using creams that make breasts bigger. What is a good size anyway? They can also be a cause of low self-esteem for some women who tend to compare themselves to others and who think they are not corresponding to the perfect beauty model. For some other girls though, they truly are a self-confidence booster.


Breasts are more than a sexual charm; they are a symbol representing many things. In a certain way, they represent feminism. Women should be reminded to be proud of their breasts because after all, they are part of the purest celebration of life. They are a gift from the lord to feed babies, just like any other mammals would do. They remind us we are more than just animals. Actually, although this is done unconsciously, this is also another reason why men are so fascinated by them.


At the end of the day, not only men should be so concerned about breasts. Not only men should be obsessed of simply looking at them. After all, maybe men are the ones who are right about this one : women should be proud of their boobs and of the sexual asset they represent. They should be proud of celebrating them, not matter the size or the shape. Moreover, they should recognize them as the iconic symbol of beauty they truly are.


For many reasons, boobs are the queens of females’ beauty. For too many women though, they are also the cause of a huge and sometimes fatal fight; a fight against breast cancer. This is another reason why they are so emblematic and why they should be recognized for the beauty they are. They are precious and it is important to keep on treasuring them. Let’s see beyond the sexual concern they might be arising and let’s also focus on the symbol they represent for us, women.