How To Choose Top Brand Skin Care Products  

How To Choose Top Brand Skin Care Products  



First of all, characteristics of a cream must be of high quality which include the ingredients, consistency and how quick the skin absorbs it, so you can have the best result; and you need to do your homework to make sure that a certain skin care product has active ingredients that leave your skin feeling flawless. Skin creams are found in specialized stores, beauty salons, pharmacies, and online. When choosing a Top Brand Skin Care Products cream, any woman should take into account:

  • The composition of the cream to avoid possible allergic reactions caused by some ingredients and do not forget to check the expiry date.
  • It is also advisable to buy one bottle used for 30 days (one month) to make your decision based on your personal experience. In terms of composition, some components include essential oils, Shea butter, Vitamin C Palmitate and patented peptides that promote the production of collagen, elastin; accelerate the regeneration and combat oxidants. Cream with this composition will revitalize and moisturize your skin, will give elasticity, reduce wrinkles, improve metabolism and will protect you from sunburn.


  • In all advertisements, in magazines, everywhere you turn, even on the internet, companies selling skin care products promise to alleviate wrinkles appeared with aging promoting youthful appearance; it can be quite overwhelming. If there is a sense of confusion, it is necessary to follow the above recommendations in order to understand the type of skin care product that is right for your own skin type.

The most important thing to remember when looking for cosmetic skin care is to have confidence in yourself, because nobody knows your skin better than yourself. There are a variety of skin care products on the market so take your time to find the optimal solution for your skin.  It is recommended to check the information carefully found on reputable sites before you start looking for products suitable to your skin type. Note that this information is for guidance only.

See your dermatologist or family doctor in case of specific skin conditions and knowing your skin type before buying Top Brand Skin Care Products


There are a few basic health conditions that should be known before buying any skin care product. These include:
– Skin type: oily, dry, normal, sensitive or mixed

–  Skin disorders – skin that burns easily if exposed to the sun, persistent acne, moles, melisma (skin condition that occurs in pregnant women) or rosacea

-The occurrence of eyelid edema present below the eye requiring special care

– Personal habits – smoking, daily intake of vitamins, and whether your diet is healthy and balanced or not.
With this information, you can find wisely skin care products that are suitable for your skin type. If you need help, ask an expert or beautician or a seller of cosmetics for advice.


There is a cream recognized as Kollagen Intensiv in which clinical studies have shown a substantial reduction in wrinkles and fine lines when used for nearly 80 days. This skin care cream comes from Switzerland has many benefits:

  • Moisturizes and hydrates your skin
  • Repair the damage caused by sun exposure
  • The fine lines and deep wrinkles are erased
  • Reduces the dark circle under your eyes
  • It is used for your body, neck and eyes so you don’t need to have a cabinet full of expensive creams.


If you are looking to have beautiful and younger eyes, the product of natural health sources, Eyelasticity™ Age-Defying Eye Therapy helps you look perfect. The ingredients of the product help your skin around your eyes look younger; and will erase laugh lines, dark circles and bagging as a result of collagen and elastin productions that will help strengthen the skin around your eyes. In just 4 weeks the product will improve your skin. The product should be used daily to maintain the age defying effects.

Modern creams are based on innovative formulas, possessing astonishing effect. These may include exfoliating ingredients, vitamins, peptides. It has proven high quality components that can stimulate and boost the production of collagen, will get rid of wrinkles, keeping you away from  using needles … If you’re not a fan of radical solutions, such as face lifting or erasing wrinkles with Botox, choose products from health natural sources and your skin will look youthful and you will feel great and happy because you made the decision to choose this natural product.


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