Adiphene: A Weight Loss Supplement

Adiphene: A Weight Loss Supplement




What is Adiphene

Adiphene is a weight loss supplement that has been proven scientifically. It offers the ability to lose weight fast in users due to its metabolism boosting agents. In addition to metabolism boosting, It also does the following:

  • Energy level is Increased
  • Reduces the rate of fat absorption
  • Reduces user appetite
  • Acts as a fat inhibitor
  • Absorption of carbohydrate is Reduced

Adiphene ingredient consists of 2 thermogenic boosters and 5 stimulants. They improve metabolism which eventually results in weight loss.

The 5 stimulants ingredients Contain in Adiphene are:

Guarana Extract– it is derived from a small bean from South America. The seeds are high in caffeine, which makes the plant significant in metabolic levels. Guarana also functions to suppress appetite and improve mental and physical performance. Just like caffeine, it helps to drop weight as it prompts some hormones in the adrenal glands that enforce fat burning. This plant extract boosts mental and physical activity, increases stamina and combat exhaustion. The energy obtain from this agent is retained longer because of its slow level of absorption.

Bitter orange– it was presented in Journal of Medical study in 2002, as the best thermogenic alternative for the ephedra ingredient. Bitter orange was used as substitute by many after the ban of ephedra by FDA. It became a powerful ingredient for diet and weight loss. Furthermore, a well known government agency approved the fruit as an appetite suppressing agent.

Chromium picolinate is another ingredient known to boost insulin efficiency which is a factor that considers the amount of fat stored in the body. Chromium is considered to aid insulin process that speeds up the breakdown of glucose as well as fat. A study has stated that chromium functions by boosting the sensitivity of insulin receptors in the body. Majority of the food consumed in U.S lacks Chromium due to its removal from processing stage.

Cacao extract is popular as a fat storage preventer and an agent that speed up fat metabolism. It was discovered in a research recently publicized in the Journal of Agriculture & Food Chemistry that cocoa components could possibly slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and fats.

Ginseng panax root extract 10%- A type of herb that can regulate carbohydrate metabolism, it has the possibility to support blood sugar level management. It was reported by the Phytotheraphy Research Journal that differentiation in cells that store fat as energy can be slowed down by a component in ginseng.





2 thermogenic ingredients contain in the supplement are as follows:

  • Cayenne capsicum (40M HU/G) is an agent with high concentration that supports the proper channeling of Adiphene ingredients to various places in the body where it’s needed for best performance. Capsicum is contained in hot chilies which is a fat burning stimulator; the heat produced from the chilies compels the body to increase activity to cool the heat which by doing so, burns some calories. In addition, cayenne based on studies has been shown to increase inner temperature of the body that can result in burning 300 extra calories daily.


  • Cannamon extract – This has disclosed in various studies as having properties that reduce insulin resistance & blood glucose rates during fasting which are both connected with abdominal fat. It has also been established to reduce the glycemic effect of food consumed. This means there is a slow absorption of food to prevent blood sugar level from going up.


Adiphene contain the following metabolizers

Chitosan extract- a fat collector that binds fats from the stomach and channel them through the digestive system to take them out of the body rather than absorbing them.

Glucomannan suppress appetite by increasing in size through water absorption and then fill up the stomach to give a fullness feeling.

Adiphene properties have  3 fat metabolizers which are; ginger root extract, Vitamin B6, L-carnitine HCL.

We recommend using the product for 3 months  for the pills to work. when using the pills, you are not required to exercise; however, if you choose to workout while taking the supplement, this will lead to a significant weight loss.

How to Use

For good result;

  • 20 minutes before breakfast, take a capsule with 8 oz of water and
  • Another capsule taken with 8 oz of water 20 min before lunch

To Order Adiphene

Make sure to order Adiphene only from the manufacturer to ensure pure weight loss product. Go to, the genuine retailer of the supplement to place your order or simply call to order by phone.

It is recommended for users to take the product for a minimum of 3 months for best results. They offer savings on cost when you order multiple bottles (a bottle has 60 pills for a month supply) especially, an order for 3 month supplies of the weight loss supplement.