The Importance of Having Healthy Breasts for Life

The Importance of Having Healthy Breasts for Life


Irrespective of your present age, in order to maintain healthy breasts, it is very essential that you have a good knowledge of what is healthy as well as what is not; in addition, it will make you to watch out for any unusual changes which might be a symptom of trouble. Like any other component of your body, there is need for you to understand what you should look out for at the various stages of your life.

According to Doctor Pamela Peeke, who authors Body for Life for Women, “having a good understanding of how your breast feels and looks like can assist you to notice whenever there is a sudden new development,” just like you take care of your skin and was on constant look out for new moles, you must equally give your breasts the much needed attention.”

While your doctor might conduct a breast examination when you visit for your annual check, in addition, you might also be taught by your doctor on how you can do a self- examination right in your home. Studies haven’t proofed that breast examinations helps in earlier detection of cancers or save lives, however, they are still highly recommended by many doctors. In any case, it is always a great development when you understand how your body functions and immediately alert your doctor immediately you discover anything abnormal.

What’s Familiar, and What’s Not

At times, you might become anxious because you feel that your breast seem not to look right, but according to Dr. Peekee, many things that makes women anxious are not really uncommon, for instance, it is totally common if:

You have breasts of that are somehow different in size

One of your breasts is a bit lower compared to the other

If your nipples have hair around it

Immediately before or just after your period, there is a hurting sensation of breast or tenderness of breast.

However, kindly inform your doctor if you notice any uncommon changes, for instance schedule an appointment whenever you observe:

A strong lump that has not always been there

Bulging around your collarbone, breast or armpit

Swelling around your breast, collarbone, or armpit

Dry, damaged, reddish, or gelled skin just like an orange skin close to your nipple

Liquids or blood (other than milk) dripping from your nipples

Heat or irritation in your breasts



These kinds of signs do not usually suggest that something is abnormal; however it is vital that you get examined by your doctor. Those changes might just be ordinary changes, or they might be as a result of an itching or irritation that could be simply cured. Hardly ever, can they be symptoms of cancer.

According to Dr. Erin Hofstatter, who is an assistant professor of medical oncology at Yale College of Medicine “You may have to visit a doctor if it happens that your nipple seems as if it’s drawing back into the breast, nevertheless, if only it is actually a change of your natural look, continuing, she states that an approximate of 10% women possesses nipples that are naturally inverted, and it is not something to worry about if you have had it your whole life

Understand Your Danger for Breast Cancer

Discuss with your doctor concerning things that might place you at greater threat for the disease. For example, your probability of contracting it might substantially increase if you smoke a cigarette, consume alcohol, or have a family record of breast cancer.

Women, who are yet to have kids, or those who gave birth after they have passed the age of 30, likewise are at a greater risk.  Women who experience their very first period prior to attaining the  age of  12 , undergo menopause later than usual , or use certain hormone medications in the course of menopause for more than 5 years  are also at a greater risk.

In the event you use birth control drugs, it might slightly increase their risk for breast cancer. Alongside your doctor, you should think about everything that might increase your chances of getting the disease prior to making a decision on the type of birth control to employ.


Changes While You’re Expecting a baby or Breast-feeding


Once you get pregnant, it’s usual for your breasts to get bigger and more succulent, your nipples becomes darken and your blood vessels gets more evident, and also  your breast cells to be lumpier .

How you can Improve Your Milk Supply

Cysts (liquid-filled sacs) along with other non-cancerous lumps could form or get bigger while pregnant. “The large numbers of lumps noticed by pregnant women are never cancers”  Peeke states, “However, you cannot completely rule it out, therefore you should still bring them to your doctor’s notice.”

Your breasts will probably enlarge and fill up with milk a couple of days after you gave birth. This could cause them to become hard and soft. Breastfeeding your baby can relieve this sensation.  If you choose to bottle-feed on the other hand, your breasts will quit producing milk after a couple of days.

In case you are breastfeeding a baby, you might get uncomfortable, broken nipples or plugged milk channels. It can cause a hurtful disease known as mastitis, which must be treated using antibiotics

Breast Wellness in Your 40s and Above

You’ll observe natural changes as you grow older. While in menopausal period or approaching it, the glands that produce milk diminish. A new fat tissue replaces them and consequently, your bra-cup size may increase. In addition, your breasts may start to sag further; however, there is a natural product called brestrogen that contains an active anti-aging ingredient proven to make your breasts look younger, smoother and firmer.

Your chance for breast cancer increases as you grow older, therefore discuss with your doctor concerning when you should begin getting assessment checks known as mammograms. Leading health organizations suggest them every 1-2 years for women aged 50 to 74, but a few recommend that you begin as early as 40years or 45years.

Healthful Habits at Any Age

Irrespective of your age, you can actually reduce your chance of breast cancer if you stop alcohol intake, stop smoking in case you’ve got the bad habit , and maintain healthy body weight, It’s also vital that you get a minimum of one and half hour of average physical exercise per week and consume lots of vegetables and fruits.


It’s certainly not too early to begin thinking about how you can have healthy breasts for a lifetime — or far too late to make necessary adjustments for a better living

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