Questions about Brestrogen?

Questions about Brestrogen?




Brestrogen is definitely one of the most effective breast enhancing solution around; it provides you with effective assistance towards making your breasts bigger and firmer. It is so effective that within 2 months, you can get a size increase of up to one cup.

However, we understand you may have some questions before making up your mind to purchase the product, therefore, you will get the most frequently asked questions about this product here. No humiliation, no waste, no confusion, no need to make an explanation of any kind. You only get to experience bigger, firmer, and even more youthful looking breasts.


So how exactly does this breast enlargement cream called Brestrogen work?

Brestrogen works by increasing the size of your breasts while making them become firmer and also regain their vibrant texture.

This breast enhancement agent is extremely effective because Pueraria Mirifica is the major active ingredient and it contains deoxymiroestrol,  miroestrol, coumestan and also isoflavonoids. These are ingredients that are proven to induce and increase the fat cells in the breast and also help to enhance the milk ducts, leading to sturdier and full-shaped breasts. In addition, Pueraria Mirifica helps to get your breasts more supple and finer as well by enhancing fibroblasts within the breast tissues. Vitamin E is included since it’s proven to strengthen cell membranes and also safeguard the breast cells from destruction from harmful toxins.


Is it safe to use Brestrogen?

Indeed it is; Brestrogen is manufactured from organic but very potent ingredients, primarily Pueraria Mirifica which is herbal substance from the jungles of Chiengmai in Thailand and does not have any dangerous negative effects.


How soon am I going to get results?

Undoubtedly, results will be different from one person to another but typically, it may take up to 7 days to notice that the breast is getting firmer and up to 2 months to notice a size increase of about a cup, and another 5 to 6 months to observe up to 2 cups increase in size.

In order to get the best results, Brestrogen lotion must be used continuously for 6 months, then the quantity may be reduced to half and the breasts will still retain their big size; in fact, click here to read a story of a brestrogen satisfied customer.


How big could my breasts grow?

Certainly, Brestrogen is among one of the most proven breast enlargement products, and can easily enhance the size of your breasts by several cups, but clearly, the level of the growth you will be experienced will be greatly influenced by genetics. Brestrogen will assist you to achieve your goal safely.



How do I Apply Brestrogen cream On my breasts?

It’s quite simple; in order to get the best outcome, we suggest that you apply Brestrogen two times a day. Add 2 or 3 droplets of Brestrogen into your palm and rub it onto your breasts.

It’s so simple and effortless, together with being bland since it does not have any sort of detectable fragrance, therefore nobody will know you’re using breast cream.


Who is NOT supposed to use Brestrogen?

Brestrogen is extremely harmless to use and is intended for women who are above the age of 21. If you are expecting a baby, lactating or have estrogen-sensitive gynecological cancers and cysts you must not use Brestrogen.

In addition, since there is no substantial data on the consequences of estrogen based products on birth control medications, we recommend that breast enhancement creams including Brestrogen must not be used if you are taking such medication.  Always consult your general practitioner (GP) before using Brestrogen.


Is Brestrogen delivered in private packaging?

Absolutely yes, nobody has an idea of whatever it is that you have purchased.


How long does shipping take and what is the cost of shipping?

Usually, purchases are sent to transport for dispatch at 11 a .m. every business day. In the event that your purchase is unable to ship on the exact day the order is placed, this is because of cut- off times in USPS’s pick-up; your parcel will dispatch the following business day. (For instance, say you order at 2:30 p .m. on a Friday, and the succeeding Monday is a holiday, consequently, the next delivery day will be Tuesday).

All foreign purchases are shipped with the services of top priority global mail. Every shipment has tracking numbers, delivery, signature verification and postal insurance coverage incorporated into the shipping charges.

Established standard international rates are displayed in the shopping cart when making the order, subject to the country your parcel is shipping to. For present rates, just place an order; there is no need to finalize your order, but you can put in your shipping location and that will reflect the existing international prices for your particular destination.

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