Breast Massage; A short Guide

Breast Massage; A short Guide



Is it even possible to increase your bust size by breast massage?

This is usually a frequently asked question by people who are interested in natural techniques for breast enhancement. Although most of us already have various ways to take care of our breasts, it would be interesting to look into the possibility.

The answer is simply yes and no. While it may help increase bust size, you might not observe drastic changes. For the best results, breast massage can be used alongside other natural techniques that are safe and effective.

Benefits of Breast Massage

By now, you already know that natural breast enhancement techniques work. This effective way of bust boosting has received good reviews and testimonies from the public, but that is not all.  Looking deeper into the benefits of breast massages, we realize most of them help improve the effectiveness of these enhancement products combined with Boost Your Bust

Check out some of these benefits.

  • Increased circulation

The sex hormone, estrogen is produced at significant levels in women of reproductive age. In fact, this hormone is responsible for the pubertal changes in girls. When secreted into the bloodstream, estrogen is transported by this medium to its target organs. Massage improves circulation therefore; it helps increases bust size by getting more estrogen to that area.

  • Improved figure and firmness

If you are using breast enlargement lotion, this one is the best bet. In these creams already are the vitamins and natural ingredients needed to keep the skin elastic. While applying your cream daily, just work in some massage techniques. From the reviews, we have been able to select the best enhancement compositions, which include daily use of these creams and supplements.

  • Stimulate prolactin secretion

Prolactin is a hormone known mostly to stimulate lacto-genesis (breast milk production) as well as breast development. Its levels in the bloodstream can increase significantly after exercise, sex, high protein diet and body massage.


  • Ease symptoms of PMS and breast pain

Massage helps relieve the symptoms of post menstrual syndrome (PMS). During such periods, soreness, fatigue, anxiety, swelling can only be relieved by treating yourself to a nice warm bath and a massage!

  • Promote healthy breasts for cancer prevention

Research has shown that lymph circulation helps prevent breast cancer and also help in early detection. Early detection helps in tackling cancer. By improving the immune system and helping circulate lymph at the axilla region, breast massage helps prevent breast cancer.

Breast Massage Techniques that Encourage Natural Growth

To fully maximize the benefits of breast massage, you need to learn the basic massage methods. To get the best results, make it a daily routine. These are the following tips to get started with:

  1. Starting from the armpit region, use light pressure to move the breast in pumping motion. Let your bust return to its usual position.
  2. Gently take it into your hand and lift it, and then allow your breast to return to its usual position.
  3. Using one hand to keep breast in place by positioning underneath, use the palm of another hand to massage the upper center part of the breast in a circle

For best results, repeat each technique on each side in 10-20 rounds.

What Should I Use to Massage?

What matters most is your comfort. You can use anything that makes you comfortable with. A lot of people use borage, coconut, carrot, primrose and other types of oils. On the one hand, oils are beneficial, reducing friction between skin and the hand and providing comfort, it may even be a form of aroma-therapy. On the other hand, it blocks the skin pores which doesn’t allow the skin breathe. Aloe Vera gel is another well-known product used in massage. While it can be refreshing and highly advantageous for your skin, it could be rather uncomfortable to use. As pointed out earlier, the best way to enjoy the benefits of this massage as a natural enhancement technique is to apply in combination with topical creams.

While keeping your skin fresh and supple because of the vitamins and natural ingredients these creams contain, they also provide the comfort your skin needs to enjoy a massage. It can help with skin health and firmness.

For the best result, the best combination involves breast massage, daily supplements, and daily application of breast creams such as Brestrogen.