On this beauty section, our major concern is on improving the way you look and your confidence. We do not require you to get involved in any surgery or difficult procedure. We provide you with simple guidelines which will make you feel better about yourself, give you a greater self confidence and ensure your good health.

There are several guidelines you can engage in which will improve your chest appearance without undergoing any surgery. These are:

  1. Stand and sit up straight

Bad standing or sitting posture causes the breast of most women to appear smaller. It also causes their breast to lose shape. When you slouch with your back, it makes your breast appear smaller and that body language can be interpreted to mean a lack of confidence.  The right body posture is to have your head held up high while you sit or stand straight with the shoulders back and chest pushed outward. In order to make this posture permanent, practice doing it daily.


  1. Wear clothing that flatter your figure

Put on clothing that is puffy in your chest area. It will cause your chest to appear fuller and busty.  Try to wear jewelries on your neck or tie a scarf; it will also make the area of chest to look bigger. Tight cloths will make your chest area look smaller and slender. People make use of clothing with specific colors and patterns in order to have a slender, thin look or a fatter appearance. So why not try this on your chest area as well.


  1. Put on dresses with horizontal stripes

Colors and patterns on clothing can either make you smaller or bigger. Wear clothes with horizontal stripes to accentuate your figure especially your chest area. Put on light colored tops, they make you appear bigger unlike dark colored tops which give a smaller and slimmer look. In order to have a bigger chest look, use the color, patterns and shades that suit this need.


  1. Use the right size of bra

A small bra on a big breast makes the breast appear smaller while an oversize bra can also make a big breast look small. When purchasing a brassier, try different ones and choose the one most appropriate for you. You should ensure the brassier lifts up your breast. It shouldn’t flatten your breast nor hang your breast in a loose manner. You can try using padded brassier. Bras that are  padded will add volume and shape to your breast. Instead of stuffing them with extra fabrics so your breast can look bigger, it is better you buy a ready made padded brassier. Putting extra fabrics in your bra can lead to embarrassment during a romantic moment with your partner.  Another type of brassier you should avoid is small lacy brassier. Although they have a sexy look, they do not lift up your breast. Also avoid sports bras, they are tight and fitting but they cause your breast to look flat.


Following these mentioned procedures will give you that great look you desire. Also check our natural breast cream review as another way to make your breasts firmer