How to Keep the Skin of Your Bust Healthy

How to Keep the Skin of Your Bust Healthy


To maintain a healthy skin, not only for your face but for your body, these are important tips to note.  They will keep that skin glowing and slow down the natural aging process.

Treat your skin with care and kindness

Besides making it easier to communicate with people and socialize, bathing is a basic hygiene routine in our society that does a lot for us. However, if not done properly, it could remove natural oils produced by our skin to protect it. Bathing for a shorter duration and using warm water instead of hot water can go a long way in protecting the skin from dryness and blemishes.

Although it is easier to shave nipple hairs than plucking them out with tweezers, it is safer to pluck them out because the shaved skin area is sensitive and susceptible to infections.

Strong soaps with lots of additives may remove the naturally formed oil in the skin. Because of this, it is safer to use mild soaps. There are different skin types and it is usually advised to consult a professional on the best skin care products for your skin type.

On getting out of the shower, use a clean body towel to dry your skin. This gentle process helps the skin retain moisture. Avoid rubbing off moisture after a shower or bath. Use a body moisturizer if you have dry skin. Using a moisturizer with SP (sun protection) can help your skin if you will be spending some time out enjoying a sunny day. In addition, using a natural breast enhancement cream with natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin after a night shower goes a long way in keeping the skin healthy.

Use sunscreen

Exposing our skin to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can be damaging. It is important to use a wide range sunscreen generously on your skin, especially on your chest area when out enjoying a sunny day. Do not forget to reapply after sweating or swimming.

The UV sunrays are usually intense between 10am to 2pm. It is best to avoid being outdoors during this period. If you work outdoors, it is important to take note of this. You can avoid the harmful rays by walking under a shade or wearing protective clothing designed to protect you from the sun.

 Eat Healthy

Have you ever heard the statement “you are what you eat”’?  Even down to your skin, what you eat matters and it is evidently shown by the healthiness of your skin. By eating a balanced meal comprising of vegetables and lean protein, you will get all the nutrients needed to have a beautiful, glowing skin. Staying hydrated is also said to be good for the skin, after all, the skin is made of 64% water. Although many professionals confirm that water is an important requirement for a healthy skin, there are no evidence-based studies stating so. Increased blood flow, maintenance of skin elasticity and control of wrinkles and folds are some of the benefits of water to the skin. It also affects the oils and sebum produced by the skin.


Smoking isn’t good for the skin.

Arteriosclerosis, the loss of elasticity or thinning of arteries is strongly believed to be associated with smoking. Smoking narrows the blood vessels to your skin hence reducing blood supply to the skin. This means that the skin is cut short of its required nutrients as well as oxygen vital to its health.

Collagen and elastin are important structural proteins that give the skin a radiant and healthy look. These proteins can be weakened by smoking, and this will cause the skin to wrinkle and age faster.

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