Total Curve Frequently Asked Questions

Total Curve Frequently Asked Questions



Kindly spend some time to check answers to our commonly asked questions below. After that, in the event that you didn’t get the answers you are looking for, kindly get in touch with us. We’d be glad to respond to you.

  1. How exactly does dual –action formula of Total Curve work?

The underground formula to Total Curve™ amazing result is the innovative two-part procedure . . .

Not just a cream or an additional vitamin you take everyday; Total Curve™ is a comprehensive breast enlargement treatment program that works both within and on the body to help firm and enhance the shape of your busts for substantially more fresh look and feel .

It consists of:

  1. supplements taken daily– it affects the breast size in a way that is very similar to estrogen, because it contains a number of natural phytoestrogens that makes the breast swell like  pregnant  women go through or days before their menstrual cycle begins.

Use 2 tablets every day.

  1. Firming Gel containing Volufiline™ – this is rubbed onto the breast two times every day; Volufiline™ functions by enhancing the fatty tissue found in the bust region for an improvement in breast size.

To go through a comprehensive guide outlining the way in which the Total Curve™ Program functions, simply click below.

  1. How do I Apply Total Curve™?

It is extremely easy to use Total Curve™!

the supplement is taken daily – one tablet in the morning and one in the evening for a maximum of 2 tablets every day.

Also use the breast Cream in the morning and night regularly. Rub a thin layer onto each breast, together with the base, applying a mild circular flow.

. . . It doesn’t require more than that!

You should start seeing positive changes within two months but  keep using Total Curve™ for a minimum of three months to get the BEST result.

Also keep in mind . . . just like taking multi-vitamin every day; you can only keep on enjoying the advantages of Total Curve™ only when you’re following the program.


  1. How does Total Curve™ work to enlarge the size of my breast?

The applied science used to formulate Total Curve™ triple-action program is outlined in the following;

The  supplement that is taken daily functions from the *within* making use of a number of phytoestrogens that effectively simulate estrogen to create a mastogenic effect. The Raising & Firming Lotion containing Volufiline™ functions by enhancing the size of the fatty tissue found in the breast region for an obvious enlargement in the size of the breast.  Once more, this is deemed extremely safe considering the fact that your bust is already composed mainly of mammary glands together with fatty tissue!

. . . These all have the effect of improving the total size, shape, and suppleness of your breasts.


  1. How fast can I get results?

All women are not the same; however, you should get ready to start seeing results within 28 days after you start using the Total Curve™ Program.

Be prepared to notice better results within 2 months . . . and within three months the results will be significant. Keep in mind, however, that just like taking multi-vitamin  pills every day,  you will only enjoy the advantages of Total Curve™ when you follow  the instructions constantly.


  1. How many cup sizes will my breasts  increase?

Total Curve™ is not meant for ladies who are looking for  immediate  results, because it’s not a breast enhancement surgical operation.

Instead, Total Curve™ is perfect for ladies who want to “look more youthful” and fix the sagging and other problems caused by childbirth, breastfeeding as well as time.

Women are not the same… therefore it is actually hard to know what  kind of result you will receive.

But, keep in mind that your purchase is supported by our RISK-FREE Money back Guarantee. Test it for two months and if you’re not so happy with the outcomes, send it back for a full refund minus handling & shipping costs.


  1. What are the ingredients?

To see the full formula for Total Curve™  for both supplement and breast enhancer cream click here .

  1. Are there any side effect?

There are no established adverse reactions or side effects.  Although, it does consist of some herbals which are NOT encouraged for breastfeeding or pregnant women.

In case you are worried about possible health problems or contradictions with any other drugs you might be using, kindly get in touch with your physician.


  1. How can I be certain that Total Curve™ is harmless?

Total Curve™ is a supplement produced with the best quality ingredients applying strict and safety measures like those for pharmaceutical drugs!

Your protection and impressive results remain our top concern. Morally, we just cannot succeed in our business ! Nevertheless, should you have particular worries with regards to the use of Total Curve  consult your personal doctor.


  1. Will Total Curve™ make me put on weight or produce changes in other areas of my body?

Certainly not;  Volufiline™ is the active agent in Total Curve™ which enlarges the fatty tissue in your breasts ONLY. It is found in the Firming cream which is rubbed on the skin.


  1. Is it expensive?

We’ve removed the middleman by making them available on the Internet, so we have been able to make Total Curve™ available at a cheaper price . . .

In addition – we’re able to give you discounts for bulk purchase, therefore, for just $49 .95 per month, you can start to use Total Curve . . .

. . . You’re buying the Comprehensive Total Curve™ Program at an affordable rate!

Investment in the appearance and health of your breasts for a reasonable price is  better option compared to enlargement surgical treatments, fat enlargement, or pumps that have outrageous prices that could be as high as $2, 500 to $10, 000 or even more.

. . . let’s be honest – it is much safer, no side effects, and considerably less discomforting too!

You don’t need to take a break from your work for surgical operations… zero awkward discussions with close relatives regarding the “sudden” appearance of new boobs . . . no recuperation time . .  . . .

Total Curve™ Breast Enlargement Program was developed to enhance the total health of your breast – In a natural way!

It’s meant to allow you experience bigger, curvier boobs and also help to decrease signs of PMS, menopause, reduced sexual urge, dryness of the vaginal and many more!


  1. Is your shipment discreet?

Certainly! in a very concealed, simple package – no-one will have the slightest clue of the content.

Your satisfaction with your new appearance is our major concern; which is the reason why with full confidence, we support Total Curve™ and you have iron clad 100% cash back guarantee:

You’re encouraged to use Total Curve™ RISK-FREE for 2 full months


  1. Is there a money back- guarantee?

If for whatever reason  you’re not pleased with the outcomes and you’ve spoken with our Client Satisfaction Team to make sure you’re following the product’s instructions, then we advise you to send back the bottles together with any untouched product for a 100% refund of cash paid (minus shipment& handling ).

Certainly, you do not have to use Total Curve™ for two months to send it back

We shall gladly refund you for the product used, in addition to any unused product, sent back within two months of buying, minus whatever is paid as shipping charges.

No tricks and gimmicks of any kind . . . Only a reasonable period of time so that you can try out the product, together with a real 100% refund policy.


  1. Is customer service available in case I have any enquiries?

We have the most amazing customer support departments you can find anywhere. Just click below now to get in touch with them.


  1. What is the name that will appear on my credit card?

The credit card billings will show on your statement as or

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