There are many choices available for breast enhancement. The options are different, so you have to carefully select the one you need.

When the wrong decision is made, there might be side effects and complications that may lead to severe health problems, and it may lead to a lasting disfigured breast with heavy bills that might take a long time to pay.


In the US, Many women, over 300,000 to be precise, decide to increase their breasts every year. The outcome of this can be intense with fast improvement.

However, when making the decision to engage in this option, breast implants do not last, as it has been confirmed by Food & Drug Authority. Almost every woman who goes through this surgery will have her implants removed or changed with a new one at a particular time in her life.

When you try replacing them, you will experience the pain again, expenses incurred again and future side effects. When you remove them, there is a risk of having a lasting change in your breast, e.g. wrinkling, dimpling and damage of breast tissues.

There are other risks linked to breast implants:

  • Hard lumps surround the implant.
  • Continuous breast pain.
  • Nipple changes and severe sensitivity of the breast.
  • Rupturing of implant
  • No longer possible to Breast feed
  • Difficulty in discovering breast cancer.

When you consider all these problems, the huge price tag associated with breast implants, and the fact that it does not last, you will realize that surgical breast implants is not best for you.

After a 14-year ban, silicone implant has been on the market for the past four years. FDA banned the use of implants in 1992 because it led to severe health problem including lupus and cancer. The only two companies authorized to produce these implants should undergo ten years study on breast implant safety.


This is a new technique and it is being seen as a great way in breast enlargement.

It’s related to a previous method, which was stopped and disqualified in the 80,’s, the fat cells taken from the body and injected into the tissue of a breast, and makes your breasts look fuller and finer.

There are also some side effects linked to this option; They are:

  1. Infection
  2. skin texture is not similar
  3. Excessive bleeding
  4. Abscess
  5. Asymmetrical appearances
  6. The screening of mammograms can be false


The cost of this procedure is usually on the high side, because you are making payment for breast enlargement and liposuction. This can cost between $5,000 and $10,000.


This is one of the oldest forms of breast enlargement. A breast expansion pump is a plastic item with a tube that suits the breast, in which it creates a suction, and puts great weight on the breast. It is very uncomfortable to use even though this breast enhancement option is affordable. These breast enlargement pumps can result in extreme bruising and breast scaling.

The FDA approves only one of these pumps, because the procedure is rarely effective.

For this single pump to produce good results, you will have to put it on for 10 hours in a day for at least ten weeks.

After all the inconvenience gained from this procedure, it costs $2,500.


This is an old pattern of enhancing your breast. This pattern is not permanent; it is just a quick fix. You definitely would prefer having a real sexy look without them.


So countless women rubbing natural solution known as Brestrogen on their breasts and following the steps found in the best selling e-book Boost Your Bust (BYB) because of the several health implication and cost associated with other options.


There are several supplements and creams sold to enhance the breasts, which are not evidence-based (lack of valid studies). However, there are natural alternatives (e.g. Brestrogen) for women who desire to have a sexy body without undergoing any surgery.