Everything You Must Know About Bustmaxx

Everything You Must Know About Bustmaxx


Before you buy Bustmax, beware of  how it works,  its ingredients and side effects etc.

The producer of this breast enhancement drug, Bustmaxx, owns up to the fact that the product transforms the body in such a fast and outstanding manner.  It confirms that your breasts will become firmer and younger, and will increase and have a more robust shape when you apply Bustmaxx.

This review aims to evaluate the efficiency and outcome of this supplement


Ingredients used in Bustmaxx – Is it safe? How does the supplement work?

In what ways will Bustmaxx’s claim come true? What are the contents in this supplement that will perfectly work to give you a desired breast size? Let’s check out the ingredients.

Fenugreek Seed: This ingredient minimizes the rate at which the stomach absorbs sugar ( glucose causes the production of insulin) and reduces the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients (WebMD). However, no proof concerning its ability to improve women’s body exists.

Saw Palmetto Berries: This ingredient is generally used for the medical purpose of treating prostate infection; linking this to the claims of Bustmaxx makes one doubt its usefulness; no study shows how it can possibly work towards improving Bustmax.

L-Tyrosin: The human body uses tyrosine to produce chemical messengers that contributes in making us mentally alert. One could say this ingredient would probably make the skin younger as it is often used to work against wrinkles caused by aging but there is no evidence that proves that.

Fennel Seed: Here’s another ingredient that has no link to our problem. Most women use Fennel seed to increase their sex drive, their breast milk and to reduce the pain of birthing.

Root of Wild Mexican Yam: The chemical in Wild yam can be used for the laboratory production of estrogen; however, the body cannot change this chemical to estrogen. Perhaps, the reason for its occurrence in this supplement is that the company thought it has the ability to physically transform women’s body. However, there are no clinical studies or evidence to prove that.

Damiana Leaves: This was used as an aphrodisiac (increasing sex drive); however, there are serious side effects that could happen; Convulsions (involuntary contraction of muscles) and symptoms that have similar characteristics to strychnine or rabies poisoning are the possible side effects.

Whole Kelp Plant: Statistics show that some women were able to reduce their chances of getting endometrial and breast cancer by using this ingredient; therefore, preventing the occurrence of life-threatening diseases; however, it is not 100% guarantee to protect you against breast cancer because there are not enough studies conducted for this.

Some other ingredients like Blessed Thistle (whole herb), Dong Quai (Root Extract.) and Mother’s Wort, can speed up the production of breast milk in nursing mothers. If this ingredient was included for affecting the lactiferous glands, then it will have a short-term effect. This is a mere assumption though, as there is no study to stand as evidence.


Effects of using Bustmaxx: Reports from users of Bustmaxx are not positive. They complained that after using the supplements, their breasts remained sagging and did not increase in size or the change that did occur was not significant, contrary to the producer’s claims.


Customer Reviews – Side effects and other Remarks

These negative side effects discovered after studying the reports made by Bustmaxx users, and the ingredients outlined. You will find many negative reviews of this product scattered on different sites on the net. The side effects they complained about include bloating, diarrhea, nausea, nasal congestion, facial swelling, stomach upset, wheezing, dizziness, gas, headache, joint pain, serious allergic reactions etc.

Here is what people who used Bustmaxx have to say

“I used bustmaxx for three months non-stop but was highly disappointed when the results I expected to see didn’t manifest. I have no idea if it will be effective on someone else but I would advise the person to go for a better supplement which has ingredients that have been scientifically tested”


“In my own case, Bustmaxx didn’t make my breasts better. That is not even the most annoying thing; the most frustrating thing is the side effects I had after using it. I had a serious allergic reaction and stomach problems.


“Don’t spend your money and time on this product if you intend to tone your body with it because it’s worthless. Frankly, I did not have a pleasant experience. I consumed it for almost 6 months but my breasts remained the same”


In conclusion, there is nothing legendary about this supplement and it has many bad reviews. However, if you still want to take the risk, it’s advisable that you seek your health practitioner’s advice in order to be aware of the unsafe effects most likely to occur.

It’s highly recommended to buy a less expensive and more effective product called Brestrogen. You should try using this instead; read our review here


Brestrogen has been reputed to be very effective in giving firmer and younger breasts. Unlike what other makers of breast enhancement products claim, the makers of Brestrogen do not claim that the product will give a magical turn around. Instead, it comes with a guide when followed properly, will guarantee firmer, and younger looking breast within two months of constant use.


The main active ingredient contained in Brestrogen is PUERARIA MIRIFICA, which enhances the amount of fatty tissues around the breast region and is effective in stimulating the production of estrogen resulting in breast enlargement.

Brestrogen is not just your typical breast enhancement cream; people who followed this program carefully have testified of its effectiveness.