Boost Your Bust: The Honest Review

Boost Your Bust: The Honest Review


For most women, the size of their breast is proportional to their self-esteem. Women with small breasts tend to feel insecure and to a larger extent less feminine. This is responsible for the high demand for breast enlargement surgeries by women. A large number of women are going for this procedure not minding the astronomical cost and high risk involved.

Nevertheless, you can enlarge your breast via various natural methods that do not require surgery, although it should be known that some are better than others. Some women are consuming herbal tablets like Total Curve to varying degrees of success. However, some complications arise from taking tablets, for example, some women usually experience allergic reactions due to the effects of certain ingredients contained in the pill.

Another factor you need to put into consideration is the high cost of the supplements. It is recommended for you to take the pills for about five (5) months, which is quite expensive. Also, a large number of women are pushing themselves to consume these pills hoping that they will enlarge their breast.

So, if you think that undergoing surgery or taking pills are not good for you, then you don’t have much choice left.

I would use this opportunity to introduce a product called Boost Your Bust.” This product claims that it doesn’t require taking any pills before you get sufficient results. It also brags about having a high rate of success. Boost your Bust claims to follow a 100% natural approach and can increase your bust by as much as 2 cups.

Where Did the Idea of Boost Your Bust come from?

A woman named Jenny Bolton developed Boost Your Bust (BYB). She was one of those women who felt insecure because of the size of their bust. She claims she had a breast the size of one cup. This made her feel very uncomfortable with herself and very insecure. This motivated her to find the solution to her problem. She began to undergo research on natural methods that could be used to enlarge her breasts. After a long and tedious research, she eventually came across a method which she used to increase the size of her breast within four weeks, and in 6 weeks, her breast enlarged to a C cup size. She told her friends of her recent success, and they decided to try it out as well. They also had huge levels of success, with this; Jenny decided to release the BYB book.

Can reading a book help increase the size of your breast?

We all know that a sales pitch can sometimes be a little exaggerated. Nevertheless, Jenny’s testimony and the enormous amount of acknowledgment and endorsements she has received from third party clients verify her claims.

This book is quite comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics including the basic reasons, which prevent someone’s breast from enlarging. It lists lifestyle ideas that is required for you to increase the size of your breast successfully in less than 2 months.

The method is divided into the following sections

  1. Natural ingredients contained in foods that would assist you in increasing the size of your breast. This introductory chapter highlights how substances contained in the food mentioned helps to enlarge your breast. The claims are supported by scientific proof, as well as the author’s experience. This book also points out details about ways to consume specific food, for you to achieve maximum results.
  1. A recipe list that serves as a guide on how to prepare the necessary food you need for your breast enlargement.
  1. According to the author, estrogen secretion is significant for the expansion of the breasts. She details methods, food, and massages which help the production of this hormone.
  1. Also contained in the book are instructions on how to make creams that would support breast enlargement.
  1. Jenny highlights the role of exercise and specific bust enhancement routines in this book as a requirement in promoting breast enlargement; she also talks about the right kind of diet as well as healthy living.
  1. Aside from the exercise and diet, Jenny provides tips on dressing, as it goes a long way in improving your appearance and causes your breasts to look bigger.
  1. The general procedures to follow that are sure to enlarge your breast.



Does Boost your Bust provide results?

BYB is neither cream nor does it require any surgery. Although, it must be noted that the steps outlined in the book require a lot of work and dedication for you to achieve the desired result. From feedback received so far, it does show that the program listed in the book do yield the required results. BYB does not require you to take any drugs, and there are no notable side effects to the program.


Any  Negative Effects?

First of all, it is appropriate to state that boost your bust “BYB” is just a book and your bust does not enlarge automatically just by reading through it. The steps, plans, and routine outlined in the book demand a lot of dedication and hard work. You need to follow the techniques to achieve the desired results. If you do this, you are guaranteed to enlarge your breast in a couple of weeks.

Note however, that this program has not been tested clinically, so we cannot firmly state that it will work for everybody. Although, I must say that it has gained many positive reviews.

Our Rating?

This book has been on sale for a very long time; this is an indication that the methods are very effective. We can say the steps found in this book are comprehensive, and it provides information that women who have small breast will find very useful. The reviews seen on the website are numerous; this proves the author’s claim of the program being very successful for her. Jenny has backed her claims with money back guarantee for her book, and is more effective than pills. This is a much affordable and safe option than going for plastic breast enlargement surgery.

From all stated above, we are recommending Boost Your Bust product.

Where can you purchase BYB?

This book is available on Jenny’s official website. It comes with a two-month money back guarantee. If this book wasn’t helpful after trying the program for two months,  feel free to request a refund.



Let’s look at some reviews from women who have read this book and have followed the program thoroughly.

Henrietta Jaccobe from Seattle, WA   

“This is unbelievable. Initially, I didn’t believe that this would be helpful, but right now, I am just grateful that I took my chances. By doing the exercises and eating the recommended foods, my bust has increased from 34a size to 34b size in less than four weeks.”


Hayley Doughty from Middlesex, United Kingdom

“Hello Jenny, I must confess that you have been a blessing to me. I didn’t know that there was a solution to my small breast issues till I came across your book. I have studied your techniques carefully, and after following them for two weeks, I have seen a tremendous result. My breasts are now bigger and firmer, and I can flaunt them in sexy dresses. My self-esteem has increased, and my husband is pleased because I am now more attractive than I used to be before. Thank you so much!”


Tara Shaw from Victoria, BC, in Canada

“Jenny, you don’t know how much you have made my relationship even better. Ever since I found your book, and started using your techniques, my breast has witnessed an increase of 1 cup size, and ever since then, my husband has been crazy about me. He now cuddles me more often than he used to, he is now super-romantic and buys me flowers almost every other day. These are the best days of my life, and I am grateful to you!”


Heidy Braun, Frankfurt, DE

Let me tell you, when I purchased your book, it changed my life and I was able increase my breast size to 1 cup size; this lifetime experience was valuable that made me feel like a real woman. I use your techniques every single day and I’m really grateful for this awesome book


In conclusion, bear in mind that BYB is a book that needs to be followed; it is not a supplement, and neither is it a cream. Reading this book will not magically increase the size of your breasts, but it will show you some steps you have to follow to boost your boobs.

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