All about Zeta White Skin Whitening

All about Zeta White Skin Whitening



Zeta White is a product entirely different from every other typical whitening skincare products available out there. Zeta White is a skin lightening item that is very natural with no chemical or bleaching components. Its natural ingredients mix gives a clean lightening to the skin with no negative side effect.


Zeta White comes in 3 different whitening formula. You can use one cream on its own or all 3 solutions combined to give the best desired effect. The 3-skincare formula are:


  • Zeta White Face Lightening Wash
  • Zeta White Moisturizer and,
  • Zeta White Lightening Night Cream


All three products are produced with maximum care and effectiveness that guarantees that Zeta White solutions are produced without any presence of chemicals, toxins or even hydroquinone (a very hazardous toxin that contains mercury) usually presents in most popular whitening creams available on the market.


Zeta White Skin Lightening solutions are produced by a company which is not just the top company in the cosmetics industry but also the only one in the industry that backs up their skincare products with Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.


All of their products in the United Kingdom are under the best manufacturing standards compliance and, their range of products is known globally as prominent among the class of natural cosmetics. Zeta White products offers free shipping to all parts of the world.


How Zeta White Products Work

The substance that influence your skin tone and its eventual darkening is known as pigment melanin. Its level of activity in skin varies depending on factors such as age, environmental influence as well as exposure to sun. The mentioned elements activate melanin causing skin colouring. While exposure to sun can be managed, and avoided; inherited genes and age cannot be avoided hence, Zeta White to the rescue.


Zeta White with all 3 complementary products comprises healthy and tender components that work mutually to block melanin production and promote natural skin whiteness.




The Face Lightening Wash

An everyday use of Zeta Face Lightening Wash steadily reduces the level of melanin produced in your skin. The product is the first of the 3 stages of zeta skin whitening solutions, though, good result can also be achieved with using only the first solution. For maximum visible effect, Zeta Face Lightening Wash is recommended for morning and night use. Because Face Lightening Wash is made of gentle components, it suits all types of skin and serves as cleanser prior to applying the skin lightening moisturizer / night cream.


The Wash is a balance mix of 100% natural ingredients. Major active components are:

  • lemon extract which reduces melanin production
  • papaya extract- enriched with natural skin lightening enzymes


Other components in the mixture for moisturizing healthy young looking skin are:

  • Coconut oil
  • Purified water
  • Avocado oil
  • Cranberry extract
  • Apricot oil
  • Mango extract
  • Silk peptide
  • Palm kernel
  • Stearic acid etc.


A detailed list of ingredients can be found below the page.


Direction on Use

Put a little amount of the wash on your skin then gently massage in circular motion. Allow the skin to absorb it then rinse and gently dry the skin. Apply the Lightening moisturizer on your dry skin or the lightening night cream as applicable.


Lightening Moisturiser

It is the 2nd stage in the Zeta White Skin Lightening Solution and this Lightening Moisturiser can be used independently. It serves as a natural sunblock to prevent skin colouring rays and eventually brightening the skin. Designed as everyday moisturizer, it lightens your skin tone and at the same time protect your skin from external hazards that darkens the skin. It works with all skin types and produces desired result when used with the face lightening wash. It also suitable for a makeup base.



The major active ingredient in this moisturizer is:

  • liquorice extract

It whitens and protects the skin from pigmentation. The additional ingredients in the product mixture are for moisturising the skin; it leaves it healthy. These agents are:


  • Olive oil
  • Purified water
  • Shea butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Cranberry extract
  • Lemon extract
  • Apricot oil
  • Strawberry extract
  • Papaya extract


The components can be found on the product package and the website.


Direction on Use

After rinsing the Face Lightning Wash off, apply a reasonable amount of the moisturiser and rub it gently.


Zeta White Lightening Night Cream

The Lightening Night cream functions as a skin renewal during the night. It is formulated to eliminate dead cells from your skin to facilitate and enhance a new brighter skin growth. The night cream contains anti-inflammatory agents like those in organic tea, preventing skin irritation and resulting in a younger brighter looking skin.


Just like the Face Wash and Lightening Moisturizer, the Lightening Night Cream is also suitable for all types of skin. Zeta White Lightening Night Cream is the last part of the Zeta White 3 step skin lightening solution that helps regenerate and renew the skin cells for a healthier lovely skin.


The active ingredient in the Lightening Night Cream which is present in high dose is:

  • Allanton


Allanton is a natural agent that wonderfully hydrates, soften, whitens and heals your skin. A component used in top class beauty care products, it shows desired result in just a few applications.

Other ingredients of the product listed below are for keeping the skin young, hydrated and healthy.

  • Coconut oil
  • Apricot oil
  • Plum extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Shea butter
  • Olive oil
  • Hyaluronuc acid
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Avocado oi
  • Argan oil
  • Passionfruit extract
  • Arnica oil
  • Green tea extract


Direction on Use

After using the wash and moisturizer, apply a substantial amount of the lightening night cream and gently rub it in your face and your neck for proper absorption.


Zeta White 3 -Stages Lightening Solution

Zeta White 3 product solution is formulated to deliver beyond your skin lightening expected result. There is a BIG discount when you buy the complete package and you also get an additional Face Wash for free.




For desirable result, specialists advise the use of all 3 steps lightening solutions. Using the 3 lightening solutions give you the maximum benefit from each product. The ingredients used in creating the face wash, lightening moisturizer and the night lightening cream are all formulated to complement each other to prevent skin darkening, lighten, boost and promote a healthy youthful skin.


Why Is Zeta White Skin Lightening Product Your Best Choice?

In todays world in which an average person is more conscious of what she consumes both internally and externally, only a few brands can offer 100% natural whitening products. Zeta White is one of those few brands in today’s market and it’s manufactured by a top UK base global leading cosmetics company.


The ingredient composition is one major concern to look out for when shopping for a cosmetic product. This  company produces organic beauty cares using 100% natural ingredients with no hazardous effect. None of the product contain sulphates, mercury, alcohol or any substance damaging to the skin and was never tested on animals.



Zeta White effectiveness is the main reason why it should be the product of choice.  There are several customers’ testimonials including before and after pictures. In addition to testimonials, Detailed information concerning research carried out on all ingredients is on company’s website. To assure users of Zeta White Skin Lightning products, the company backs up all product sold with Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee and free global shipping


Benefits of Zeta White

  • Ingredients are 100% natural
  • A Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee
  • Effective Skin Whitening Product
  • No Negative Impact
  • Worldwide Free Shipping
  • Detail Product Information
  • No Testing on Animals
  • Completely Vegan
  • Free of Sulphate and Alcohol and Mercury
  • Morning and Night Use



Natural Ingredients

The following are ingredients used in producing Zeta White for skin lightening which will give a clearer picture of Zeta White effectiveness.

  • Papaya extract

This is rich in papain properties responsible for the removal of dead skin cells as well as restoring of new healthy cells that in return lightens the skin tone.

  • Lemon Extract

Lemons contain a high dose of vitamin C which is a great source of natural antioxidants available. Regular use of pure antioxidant of this nature on the skin has been certified to significantly reduce the level of melanin produced in the skin.

  • Liquorice extract

Liquorice is a skin lightening agent. The plant has a component called glabridin which is known for preventing skin darkening and thus, liquorice extract is suitable for lightening skin colouring and balancing skin tone. The skin gradually becomes lighter with constant use until all dark areas are toned out completely.


  • Allantoin

The result of several organisms (bacteria, animals and plants) forming together to make a natural chemical substance. Allantoin is very hydrating, soothing and it also aids in the removal of old cells from outer skin layer, giving room to healthy lighter skin while preventing pigmentation.




With all mentioned above, Zeta White offers a 1 year supply of all 3-point Skin Lightening Solutions. Simply forward your before product use and after use of Zeta White products and if you’re selected, you get a (£1,439 worth) 1 year supply of the skin lightening products for free.


Is It Safe To Use Zeta White?

It has been certified 100% safe having gone through comprehensive clinical trials. Produced with natural ingredients, there is no chance for risk effects; and up to this moment, no customer has ever complained of any negative side effect. To be safer, pregnant women, nursing mothers and people allergic to the product ingredients are advised to seek health care practitioner’s advise.


The periodic use of Zeta White or a short period of use will not give a permanent skin lightening result. While satisfying result is achieved from the 2nd to 3rd month of continuous use, you will start noticing a considerable change on the 2nd to 4th week, but if you do not use the 3 points solution consistently and you are often exposed to the sun, the amount of melanin produced in your skin will increase and skin darkening will return. Therefore, to achieve a long term desired result, it is advised you use the Zeta White cream every day. Reason behind that, the function of the ingredients used in producing Zeta White is not to stop melanin production but to control the amount produced in the skin.


This product is not just suitable for the face alone, it can be applied on any skin area of your body. You can as well use it before applying makeup, only give a 10 minutes between application. Always ensure Zeta White lid is closed and store in dry cool space.



Other Skin lightning Methods (WARNING)

There are other skin lightening procedures with lasting result but such procedures usually come with a huge health risk and negative side effect. Example of this method is Laser surgery. While Zeta White is used consistently , it is very much natural. In fact, it is 100% safe. Zeta White skincare is your safest choice of all skin lightening cosmetics and methods in general. The ingredients used are all 100% natural unlike the ingredient used in majority of the skin lightening products called mercury. Mercury is a highly hazardous toxic substance which causes mercury poisoning resulting in neurological, kidney and psychiatric conditions.

Though the sale of Mercury is no longer legal in the Unites States, it is sold illicitly and it’s a major ingredient in products sold across countries. Another dangerous substance also containing mercury and already banned in several parts of the world used in lightening creams but NOT in Zeta White is hydroquinone. If you are safety conscious about the contents of your skincare product, you should check out the ingredients on product package for the presence of these substances: calomel, mercury, mercurio, mercuric, mercurous and chloride.






Buying Zeta White

The official company’s website is the best and cheapest place to buy the product. This is so because you get direct company price rather than retail and, you also get to enjoy some promo offers exclusive to the website. Website purchases also enjoy Worldwide Free Shipping and Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.


Several promotional offers are currently running on the site and you can take this opportunity to save cost on all Zeta White ranges of products. When you order Zeta White for all 3 Lightening Solutions, you will get one Face Wash for free.

Are you safety conscious and desire a skin whitening product that is all natural with no chemical content? Then your very best choice that will give you desired result with no risk is Zeta White.

it is the guaranteed skincare that will deliver result and care to you. Countless number of users have testified to how great Zeta White is and the testimonials are all up on the site to confirm.


Click the link above to order Zeta White 3-point Skin Lightening Solution and you get Promo Discount, Satisfaction Guarantee and Free Shipping to any part of the world and so much more.