Are Massive Breasts Out of The Picture

Are Massive Breasts Out of The Picture


There is a story about a woman who had a big chest and wanted to buy a lingerie at a Victoria Secret shop; and a sales assistant asked her if she is interested in buying bras to shrink her breasts. The woman was surprised and thought the sales person was joking; shouldn’t you sell something that makes the breasts larger and not smaller?

According to a credible source, women with very big breasts were sought after in the past, but recently the media has redefined the size and beauty of breasts by focusing on celebrities who have small to medium size busts. It’s a big risk for any celebrity to choose to go massive, because it could hurt their health and career. Heidi Montag, for example, was a gorgeous girl with perky breasts; she has done 10 plastic surgeries for oversized boobs, and the reaction she received from her audience was negative and she lost her image among fans.

Perky and Small

Take a close look at Celebrities; most of them have the perfect breast size. As stated earlier, media sets the standards of beauty including breasts’ size and shape; huge boobs are no longer attractive. That should give women a sense of relief to set their goals on something reasonable; medium size breasts. For example, Rhianna and Megan Fox; models working with Victoria secret all have small to moderate breasts. As a result, going for a medium breast size similar to popular actors will be appreciated. In addition, plastic surgeons have realized that women are reducing their cup size; media and general public love perky and medium breasts.

Big Busts equal to Big Risks

The risk of having super breasts can affect your health as it puts a lot of pressure on your body. The human body is not built to handle this foreign material and carrying it around; it causes back pain and other health issues. It could cause infection that spread through your body; is it worth it? Don’t forget your health is your wealth.


We have good news

You can still achieve your dreams of becoming feminine and having the curvy body you always dreamed about, small waistline and fuller breasts. Forget about dangerous and expensive breast implants; you need a natural breast enlargement cream such Brestrogen, or make your own formula at home by following steps found in a downloadable book, Boost your Bust. Both methods work effectively giving you the chance to have perky full breasts that will make other girls jealous and without side effects