Alternative Line of Remedy If Anti-biotic Is Not Effective To Cure Rosacea...

Alternative Line of Remedy If Anti-biotic Is Not Effective To Cure Rosacea Skin Disorder



Anti-biotics,  as many people have stated  in several cases of rosacea, have not been effective  as a cure. Topical trentinoin known as Retin-A and Accutane Izotrentinoin are alternative remedies to antibiotics recommended by most skincare professionals. Where you find antibiotics not working as desired or giving expected result, these alternative line of therapies do make a positive effect in helping to clear the persistent irritable skin condition. The concern in this issue of second alternative to antibiotics, In the situation where the second therapy course fails; is there a third course of therapy to adopt? However, only the second course of therapy will be discussed in this write-up.

The oral antibiotics popularly known and commonly available for the cure of this irritable skin disease are Metronidazole, Doxyclycline and Tetracycline. Medical doctors most often recommend these antibiotics to patients to help manage the effect of skin irritation on the affected areas. However, these Metranidazole contained creams does not always give desired relieve to the patients and the reason is that it cause irritating  reaction on the part of the skin affected by the disorder.

What makes antibiotics fail as a cure for this skin condition is known as Rosacea activators. Hence, if you or any known person suffers from this irritable skin disease, it is highly important to adopt a lifestyle change in your every day routine in order to avoid doing certain things that will trigger its reaction. The use of antibiotics involves doing certain things or integrating some new habit. For instance, you cannot be on antibiotic and be taking cigarettes, drinking alcoholic beverages and eating spicy and hot foods. The mentioned three habits do not go along in a patient suffering from Rosacea without activating rosacea germs in the body to react. Another lifestyle change to adopt to manage the disease apart from what you eat is to avoid exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is another trigger that causes the rosacea germs in the body to react and its symptoms appear on your skin.

Therefore, if you are aiming to clear this persistent skin condition you will need to reconsider your unhealthy lifestyle as it will not allow the antibiotics to work in your body.

Major cause for antibiotic failure as a treatment in the body is sometimes due to wrong usage. If you have several skincare products like gels, lotions and creams you are using to cure Rosacea, always ensure to properly apply on the area affected. Once the gel is applied on your face, try to see that the cream is well spread on and across all parts affected. If the cream is not properly applied, you may not get the desired result which is to clear off the persistent skin condition. These tips are particularly been emphasized because Rosacea is a persistent skin disease that needs proper attention, care and lifestyle adjustment in order to entirely clear it off the body.


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