Cucumber as Cure for Rosacea Disease

Cucumber as Cure for Rosacea Disease



A popular English medical professional by the name John Gerard did an intensive research in the year 1597 on cucumber after which he disclosed his discovery that Rosacea can be cured with cucumber. He  believed that the vegetable has properties that can cure the skin condition and ever since this revelation was made, sufferers of the skin condition have been using it to clear or cure the disease. It is therefore right to say cucumber as a vegetable is an easy and suitable therapy for curing rosacea skin condition.


Having stated the usefulness of cucumber for rosacea cure, I will further outline some of the key benefits cucumber contributes alongside its components as being a cure for rosacea disease and many similar skin conditions, and is of great benefit to human health. Water is the main component of cucumber and has cooling effect on the skin as well as the entire human body. Cucumber is rich in Vitamins A, C and E as well as Caffeic acid. These vitamins are of great importance on the skin as they help the blood cells in keeping the skin fresh. A good reason why skin consultants and doctors recommend placing slices of cucumber on affected skin areas as a good measure for curing skin conditions.


The following are the main benefits and uses of cucumber

Perhaps you are wondering how about its uses in curing Rosacea. As mentioned earlier that cucumber is good for cooling and freshening the skin, it can be applied in several ways to reduce itches and skin swelling. The first step is to slice and blend the cucumber then mix the puree with 3 to 4 table spoons of 100% organic yogurt. After mixing both well enough, apply carefully on the areas of the skin affected just as you would apply a facial solution. Leave the applied mix on for about 10 minutes while you stop all work and take a little rest. Once its 10 minutes, you can wash the mask off the affected areas with cool pure water.


One other good means of using cucumber to cure this skin condition is to leave some cucumber slices on the affected skin areas and lay down to rest for about ten -fifteen minutes. Doing so will lessen the flushing and inflammation of the affected parts. This type of measure is typically used for Ocular rosacea cure. Besides using this method, another beauty enhancement technique was used by Cleopatra. Specialists recommend this Cleopatra method in managing Rosacea. The technique is to blend some cucumber, one cup of cream, honey, one tablespoon of olive oil and some mud all together and place it in the refrigerator once blended. Leave the mix to cool then apply as a facial mask. You will see that the mask will not only be a cooling property to curing rosacea but you will as well notice it improves your skin beauty.