Rosacea And Its Symptoms

Rosacea And Its Symptoms


Do you know what Rosacea is? Rosacea is a skin condition that can turn any part of the skin red and in most cases, the face is affected. A situation that could be humiliating enough to affect one’s self confidence.This condition affect more women than men. Not everyone knows about rosacea,which is why it is treated like acne. To be sure the redness on your skin or face is not rosacea, it is important you know what rosacea is, the common symptoms and the best treatment to cure it.

Rosacea 4 Common Symptoms

  • The first major symptom of rosacea is a random reddening of the skin with no explainable reason.The red flush could become permanent, a temporal blush or could be appearing on and off your face.If you experience this, it is the major symptom popularly known of rosacea.
  • A permanent redness or blush is one common sign of rosacea on the skin.This is one distinct symptom that differentiate rosacea from a typical acne.You should look out for this as it would appear as a normal sunburn on skin.
  • If you have red skin on your face along with bumps or pimples, then it is evident that  you are suffering rosacea.The bumps or pimples could be stiff, small or may as well be like the typical pimples filled with puss. This is a major rosacea symptom.
  • Of all the 4 most common symptoms of rosacea is having red marks like lines on the face.The lines show on the skin whenever there is quick supply of blood via the blood vessels.These red mark lines appearance on your skin are blood vessels.

How Do You Know It Is Rosacea

One difficult part of this medical condition is how to really know if someone is actually suffering from Rosacea or something else.Most people often assume any redness on their skin as sunburn. You should often check your skin before the mirror for signs of redness. There is usually an itchy feeling at the onset before it start building up in your blood stream which is really harmful to your health.

It is therefore important to create awareness on this reoccurring skin condition in order to know ways of identifying Rosacea symptoms.The first usual sign and stage is redness on the skin. The following guide help to know if you or someone you know has Rosacea.

  • Pay attention to any red flush around the cheeks, forehead,nose and mouth area.
  • Do not neglect any broken vessel no matter how small it is.It is a sign of Rosacea.
  • Check up watery eyes to ascertain its not due to this persistent condition.
  • Pay attention to dryness and itching in and around the eyes.
  • Dense skin on the face giving more attention to the forehead signifies the presence of Rosacea.

From all stated above, you would notice this skin condition affects the face mostly.However,without early attention, the germs can go deep into other parts of the body. Where such is noticed, you should avoid eating fatty foods and drinking alcohols as they aid the spread of Rosacea germs to the entire body. Eat more of vitamins and nutrients enriched vegetables and fruits and always drink fresh cold water. Also ensure to always keep your face clean and moisturized.

The moment its identified, these steps can help a great deal to manage the disease.

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