Getting a Lighter Skin? Beware of Toxic Products

Getting a Lighter Skin? Beware of Toxic Products


Most people, who use skin-whitening products to lighten their skin, do so because of acne scars, age spots, blemishes and other skin flaws, which are embarrassing to the face. These flaws not only plague the face, they also can affect other parts of the body, causing uneven skin color and blotches on other parts of the body. This makes one feel less beautiful and self-conscious.

If you want to tackle these challenges, there are lots of treatment options to choose from. Firstly, you need to research and find out which of the methods will be best for you. You can also see your doctor and discus with him, to get an expert opinion before you make your choice. This article will give you some insight that you may need, to help you make your research and know which option to choose.

What are the Available Skin Lightening Options?

On the internet and every resource material you pick up, you will find many available options for skin whitening. The easiest options to adopt are prescription or over the counter skin lightening creams. These creams are very effective in their action, but their use is not without a dire consequence on health.

Most medications, both topical and the ingested type, have unfavorable side effects. Commercial bleaching creams could have adverse side effects on the body; as a result, it is best to test the products before using them. This is done by applying a little quantity of the product on a patch of skin, and checking its effect after 24 hours before you apply it all over the body. Most bleaching creams in the market contain hydroquinone, which is a very dangerous chemical that has been proscribed as a possible carcinogen in so many countries.

Some countries have banned the use of this chemical for health reasons, while many others are still using it. Although these hydroquinone-containing products are effective, later in the future, they will pose health challenges that outweigh their advantage.

People always seek to take the easy way out in things like this. That is the reason why they prefer to use any skin whitening product they find in the market. After all, all they care about is getting a lighter skin, which these products give them, seemingly on a plate of gold. They do not consider the side effects the ingredient contained in the cream may have on their body in the future. Many consumers do not know that they should avoid staying under the sun due to the danger of sunburn, and that they must always use sunscreen, as a kind of protection when walking under the sun. Some people who actually do know these risks sometimes ignore precautions and expose themselves to the danger involved.

Skin lightening creams work by reducing the production of melanin pigment in the body. Melanin darkens the skin color, and serves as a defense mechanism for the body when it is hit by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. So, under the sun, instead of the sun burning your skin, what melanin does is that it darkens the skin color and prevents it from burning. When you use hydroquinone-based skin whitening products which reduces the production of melanin, your skin becomes susceptible to severe burning under the sun. Sunscreens can protect you from this, but in return block the pores of the skin and make dirt to accumulate, and cause acne. The only way around this is by covering the body with protective clothing when you’re under the sun.

The safest way to lighten the skin is by using the natural skin approach. Whitening of skin naturally entails the mixing of different natural ingredients like lemon, papaya, tomatoes, honey, etc. which are readily found at home.

So if you want to whiten your face, underarm, or the whole of your body, natural skin whitening approach is the best way of doing it without putting your health at risk. It also is easy to adopt because the ingredients are available at home and in nearby grocery stores. Apart from saving you the stress of exposing your skin to carcinogens, the natural approach also helps you to avoid other side effects that come with commercial skin lightening creams.

What would the outcome be like?

No matter the approach, you choose to adopt, natural or synthetic, you will still arrive at the same result of having a clear and whiter skin. However, the sign that differentiates the natural method from the commercial hydroquinone-containing products is the ultimate cost it has on the skin and the body in general.

Most sufferers with freckles and skin burn are people who have light skin, who are already threatened by sunburn. Using those harmful products will only make it worse, and damage the skin and health in general. Using the natural approach will not only guarrantee effective results, it will also save your skin from the dangers that come with hydroquinone.

Using the natural approach of skin lightening involves lifestyle changes such as avoiding smoking, eating healthy diet, protecting your body from the harsh effects of the sun and applying the natural ingredients to your face and other affected parts of the body. Following the natural method carefully will lighten your skin and make you healthy than you expected.

When should I start expecting results?

Naturally, the human skin regenerates once every thirty days. During this period, old skin cells dry up and fall off. They are then replaced by new ones. When you use skin whitening products, both natural and synthetic, it will take this same period of thirty days before you record any positive result.

Is the solution permanent?

Every month, new skin cells are produced to replace old ones; this involves that if the lighter skin color is produced this month as a result of using skin lightening  products, you have to continue using the product for your skin to continue being light. If you discontinue, you the dark skin will resurface later when your skin regenerates. As long as you continue using the skin whitening product, you will get clear skin. Hence, the result is not permanent.

Apart from my face, Can I also whiten other parts of my body?

It is very possible to whiten your entire body, but it will take lots of time and expenses. If you can be committed to the cause of applying the commercial lightening cream or natural remedies on your whole body every day, and maintaining the recommended diet and lifestyle, you will certainly get the result you want.

If you use commercial products, for you to whiten whole of your body, you will have to make sure you apply the product on all parts of your body all the time. When you use the homemade remedies, you only have to apply them on some specific parts of the body, and the rest parts of the body will whiten eventually if you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

When using commercial products, if you don’t apply the creams on all parts of your body, only the targeted areas will lighten up.

What is the best approach?

Natural homemade skin whiteners are made from natural ingredients which are very easy to find. The ingredients include lemon, rose water, papaya, watermelon, potatoes, etc. Most of these ingredients are already available at home, or in the nearby grocery stores, and using them comes with lots of benefits.

If you search for information on which one of the many homemade remedies to use, you will find lots of options which might be overwhelming and confusing. The reason why there are lots of options is because skin type varies, hence while one method works for this person, it may not work for the next person. The book, Skin Whitening Forever contains information on all the available options, and their ingredients. It also gives insight into the benefits and the best ways to approach them.

The information contained in the book will give you all you need to know to make a choice of which of the remedies to adopt. In Skin Whitening Forever, you will find information on the lifestyle changes you need to adopt and the kind of diet you have to stick to. You will also find the safe ways to test the different options before you finally get the one that will work for you.