Making your Skin Whitening Cream at Home

Making your Skin Whitening Cream at Home


In today’s world, people can now do so many things themselves without having to buy the already made products in the market. This DIY (do it yourself) rave has also been extended to skin whitening products. If you have an acne-ridden face, or some form of uneven skin tone which you want to tackle, then this should be good news to you. You can now easily produce your own skin lightening creams in the comfort of your home, using cheap natural ingredients.

Why produce Natural Skin Whitening Cream?

Of course, as expected, the first thing anyone who wants to get a lighter skin would think about is going to the market to buy a lightening cream. This is normal, and it has been that way for a long time. However, there is a countless of reasons why you should run away from commercial fade creams and stick to making your own naturally. They include:

  1. Most commercial skin whitening creams are irritating to the body. They cause increased skin dryness and sensitivity, which makes the skin prone to acne.
  2. They contain hydroquinone and some other ingredients which are carcinogenic, and can also cause other skin problems.
  3. The result may become uncontrollably excessive, thus making one look pasty white.
  4. Due to frequent shaving of the underarm, underarm lightening creams can cause rashes and sensitivity of the surrounding skin.

Because of these and other reasons, it is always best that you avoid commercial fade creams, and stick to natural remedies, which are safer and more reliable.  Natural skin whitening creams are made from simple ingredients- contrary to popular belief that they are made from expensive items- that you can find easily around your kitchen and grocery stores.

Ingredients Used in Making Natural Face Whiteners

One amazing thing about making these homemade skin whitening creams is that you don’t really have to be an expert before you can produce them, and the ingredients are very easy to find because they are things you eat or use in cooking on almost a daily basis.

The Ingredients you need:


Lemon is one important ingredient you must have handy if you intend to produce your own skin whitening formula. It is an important component of most natural fade creams. Its juice has the ability to make the skin lighter, however, you need to handle it with care because it can cause skin dryness, which eventually leads to sunburn.


Apart from being ideal for breakfast, oatmeal is also very good for the skin. There are people who even bath with oatmeal because they understand the moisturizing effect of it. It can make your face soft and moisturize your skin.


Honey works as a natural antiseptic. Apart from fighting germs, it can also prevent the outbreak of acne, which causes uneven skin coloration. It is a very important ingredient used in most natural skin whitening recipes.


Turmeric is a popular spice used in making spicy meals. Just like other natural ingredients, it has also been explored in the production of homemade skin whitening remedies. It is used for its ability to whiten dark skin, and for its acne-fighting action.


At first thought, applying tomato juice on the face might seem like a very dirty thing to do, but when you consider the fact that tomato juice can cause the skin to glow, you can’t help but just go for it. Therefore, tomato is used in making natural skin fade creams. It is also one of the diet recommended for you to take when lightening the skin naturally.


Another important ingredient of natural skin whiteners is powdered milk. Milk removes stain from the skin, increases the radiant beauty of the skin and fight against irritation. Powdered milk also helps to buff away dead skins which cause dark spots, so that they can be replaced with new ones.

These ingredients and more are very easy to find. They are the things you must have handy before you can make your own skin lightening cream in the comfort of your home. This list, however, is not exhaustive because there are other ingredients.

What is Next?

Now that you know the ingredients you need to make your own skin whitening cream, it doesn’t mean that you can just start making it right away. You still need more information. For instance, you need to know what ration of honey and lemon to mix together before you start applying it to your skin. You also need to know how long the mixture has to stay on your skin before you can wash it out.

There are lots of formulas you can use; lots of combination and recipes to choose from, but due to skin variation, you may need to try out many of them before you finally discover the one that would work perfectly for you.

After Mixing the Cream, what next should I do?

After you have prepared your homemade skin whitening product, you need to apply it on all parts of the skin you are targeting. Then leave the mixture on the body parts for 15 to 20 minutes before you wash it off. One important thing you must take note of is that you need to avoid drying of the skin at his point, so try all you can to keep the skin moisturized.

When do I Expect Results?

Naturally, the human skin regenerates itself once every thirty days. During this cycle, old skin cells die, after which they are buffed away and gradually replaced with new ones. No matter the skin lightening product you are using, it will take this same period before you start seeing results. The skin whitening product will cause the formation of lighter skin, which must remain under the old darker ones, and does not become visible until after the old ones die and are buffed away.

Therefore, you have to patiently apply the recipe on your skin regularly and wait for the result to become visible after thirty days. This does not work like magic, the same way commercial fade creams do not work within a twinkle of an eye.

Always remember that you may need to try different types of combination or recipes before you can find out what would work for you. Instead of surfing the internet day and night, looking for natural recipes to try it, why not get a copy of Skin Whitening Forever? This book comprehensively teaches about the different recipes, how to prepare them and the direction for using them.