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If you have acne spots, freckles or any other blemishes on your face, you will most likely go to any length to make it go away so you’ll get back your smooth and nice face. You will try out several skin lightening products, not because you want to turn your skin to pure white, but because you want to get an evenly toned fair skin. While trying out those whitening products, you may at some point expose yourself to their dangerous side effects.

The scary side effects of commercial bleaching cream is a threat to the health of people who use it, that is the reason why it is always best to use natural homemade remedies.

Homemade skin lightening formulas are made from simple fruits and other edible natural ingredients at home. They provide a safer and cheaper alternative to the industrially made skin whiteners. In this article, we will talk about these natural remedies, but let’s first look at other available options.

Getting a lighter skin

When people think of whitening their skin, the first thing that always comes to their mind is to buy whitening creams sold online or in the market. Although those commercial skin lightening creams are effective in that they will actually give you a lighter skin, they also have some very dangerous side effects which outweigh the positive result they bring.

Considering the fact that the danger involved in using commercial skin whiteners is greater than the result they bring, people are increasingly seeking an alternative way out by embracing natural skin whitening remedies. This is because natural remedies can be produced at home using cheap ingredients, they are applied on the body just the same way their commercial counterparts are, and they don’t expose users to any form of harm in the process of using them, and in the future.

If you want to lighten your skin, try to explore all the available options before you choose which one to go with. Let’s now review those options, starting with skin whitening pills.

How Safe and Effective are Skin Whitening Pills?

Following the claims of some manufacturers, you will believe that skin whitening pills are the effective remedies to getting a brighter skin, but from the testimony of consumers who have used those pills, the pills are not effective at all.

One of the most important ingredients in skin whitening supplements is the antioxidant, Glutathione.  Although glutathione is a natural substance, which makes it seemingly safe for consumption, it is not safe when taken in large doses. It is also not good for pregnant woman and for people suffering from asthma.

To be fair, some of these pills could be effective to some extent if you combine them with using whitening creams. Also, for the most part, you will need to take more than one type of pill, and supplement them with lightening creams before you can see any positive results. Now, considering how daunting this process could be, using whitening pills should be ruled out completely.

Skin Whitening Surgery?

Some skin flaws are very hard to fix, hence at some point, after trying out all the skin-whitening products in the market, and spending a lot of money. One might have no other choice than to start thinking of going for a plastic surgery in order to whiten their skin and remove the spots, freckles and blotchiness, which topical remedies could not remove.

This is usually the last resort for many people, but the situation would never get to this point if you use the right whitening creams and soaps, and abide by the diet and recommended lifestyles which helps in getting a whiter and clearer skin.

The best way to avoid going to this extreme is by embracing the use of natural homemade skin whitening products. Natural remedies are made from natural ingredients, which are compatible with everyone, no matter their skin type.  It also involves the adoption of some kinds of lifestyles which will help you get a faster and more effective result.

How diet change helps in skin whitening

There are so many amazing benefits that come from natural foods. For those who desire to get a lighter skin, there are some foods, which help make the skin whiter when you eat them in high quantities. They are natural foods, which are delicious and can be found easily at home or grocery stores.

Skin Lightening Foods

Truth be told, these foods do not make the skin white as much as skin whitening creams do, however, with the right amount of these foods taken to compliment the skin lightening creams, one can easily get a positive result. Some of those foods you need to add to your diet are:


Some species of loofahs are edible. They are nutritious and can help whiten the skin. Some people do not believe that one can eat loofahs; however, the edible species look like cucumbers, and are very healthy. They are referred to as ridged gourd, patola, Chinese okra or tori. These are readily available at Asian markets.



Cucumber is a vital ingredient used in producing homemade skin whitening creams. It reduces the production of skin pigments, both when eaten and when used topically.

Brussels sprouts

Not everyone likes eating Brussels sprouts; but the truth is that it prevents the formation of spots which spoil skin complexion. An easy way of eating it should be by coating the Brussels with a good amount of sauce to make it tastier.

Sweet Potatoes

White potatoes are normally used in making homemade skin whitening creams. However, when it comes to the dieting aspect of natural skin whitening, sweet potatoes work better.


Asparagus is fortified with fiber and anti-oxidants, which helps reduce the aging of the skin. By reducing aging signs such as age spots and wrinkles, asparagus helps in getting a quicker and more effective result.


Water melon contains Vitamin C and Vitamin A in good amounts. It also helps to reduce acne. It is very nutritious and does not have any negative effects.


Mushrooms are fungus enriched with Vitamin D. They are calorie free, and have been shown to improve skin complexion.


Peas are known to be very healthy vegetables. They are fortified with fiber, which is very important in the body. Peas also help in removing discoloration and in whitening the skin tone.

There are many other fruits and vegetables that are involved in the diet needed for natural skin lightening therapy. We may not really include them all in this article, but the book Skin Whitening Forever gives an exhaustive list of them all, and the amount you need to take for you to achieve the result you seek.

Where to get more Information about natural methods of skin whitening

The internet contains lots of information concerning natural ways of getting a lighter skin. If you check several pages, you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of information you will find, and you may be confused on which one to choose. However, to avoid getting confused, you need to get a copy of the book Skin Whitening Forever.  The book professionally lists all the available natural remedies, and throws light on how to apply each method.

It will give you expert opinion on the kinds of food you need to eat, the lifestyle changes you must adopt and other necessary things you need to achieve a fast and reliable result using natural approach only.

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