The Safe way to do Skin Whitening, and get Results

The Safe way to do Skin Whitening, and get Results



Many people have blemishes on their skin for one reason or the other. Age spots, acne, dark patches below the eyes; and some other scarring skin conditions that may cause blotches and spots on the skin cause such blemishes. Today, there are many beauty products in the market, which promises to provide cure to this problems.

If you are faced with any of these issues, you may have checked out a surplus of scar removal creams, skin bleaching creams and whitening creams for age spot removal, etc. in the market; and you are probably stuck in the limbo wondering which of them might work for you, and which ones will not work. If you need creams that will lighten the color of your face, then the information contained in this article will help you.

What is Skin Whitening?

The term skin whitening or bleaching refers to the use of chemical agents in tackling skin conditions such as age spots, blemishes, scars, freckles, etc. with the aim of reducing them. These creams reduce the production of skin pigments that are responsible for the skin flaws. When the quantity of the pigments reduces, the skin begins to clear up. In the market today, there are lots of creams which serve this purpose, but the challenge remains how to find one that will work, and not have a dangerous effect in the future.

Because of the fact that the long-term effects of these creams cannot really be predicted, people are always on the lookout for natural ways of bleaching their skins without exposing themselves to harmful chemicals. The good news now is that you can produce your own skin whitening products at home with easy to find natural ingredients.

Why people Whiten their skin

Flaws are real, but people always tend to hide them with makeup. Some people’s faces have been affected with lots of spots and blemishes, but they cake their faces with enough makeup that the scars become non-existent until they wash off the makeup products.

People resort to whitening creams because whitening helps remove those blemishes instead of hiding them. By so doing, you get a younger look, and your skin tone becomes smooth. You also get to reduce the quantity of makeup you apply on your face. Apart from the face, the underarm is another part of a woman’s body that also gets dark, mostly because of shaving.

People bleach their underarm to avoid the embarrassment they will feel if someone sees that their underarm has a different color from the rest of their body. These are just some of the reasons people bleach; yours, however, may be different.

Getting fast result from your whitening products

Every skin lightening product in the market will promise you of fast action, reliable result and zero side effects. That is what you want to hear, so that is what they will tell you. However, bear in mind that there are synthetic methods of whitening the skin, and there is also the organic or natural ways of achieving the same result. You can make your skin bleaching creams at home using fruits, vegetable, herbs and oils. On the other hand, synthetic bleaching products are made using hydroquinone as an active ingredient. Hydroquinone acts by inhibiting the production of skin pigments that cause the spots and blemishes.

Although hydroquinone removes blemishes so well, it is not entirely safe. It actually is not advisable for one to use synthetic chemicals to seek a result which can also be acquired using natural methods.

Although many countries have banned the use of hydroquinone because it is on the list of possible carcinogens, many industries in the United States still use it in producing skin whitening creams. The safest way around this is to consult a dermatologist before using any product that contains hydroquinone.

Skin Whitening: Does it work?

Most lightening products you find in the market for dark spots and blemishes have hydroquinone as ingredient in them. The good part of it is that hydroquinone will reduce the production of the pigments that cause black spots, but the immediate downside is that your skin will become allergic to sun, and so exposure to the sun will cause severe burn.

The irony is that although staying away from the rays of the sun reduces darks spots, hydroquinone-based skin products will cause severe skin burning when you go under the sun, thereby causing even harsher dark and dangerous spots on your skin, and this defeats the purpose of using the product in the first place. If you must use these products, then you have to always cover your body from the sun, your head especially.

Skin whitening: How safe is it?

Hydroquinone has been proscribed as a possible cause of cancer. Using products that contains hydroquinone might lead to a long-term health complication.

Although some countries have banned  its use, and it is on the watch list in many others, manufacturers in the United States still use it in skincare products. The FDA has advocated for more studies to be carried out on the chemical, but while this is on, hydroquinone-based products are still rampant in the market. To avoid regrets which may occur when the side-effects kicks off, I always look for natural alternatives.

Are there really Natural Alternatives?

Most bleaching products in the market contain hydroquinone. Some do not have hydroquinone listed as an ingredient, actually do have it. Although there are a few that are hydroquinone-free, searching them out on the internet or in the market can be daunting.

On the internet, every website seems to have their own idea of the best natural method. This is because individuals differ, and what works for one might not necessarily work for others. The way out is for you to try to figure out the job of each ingredient contained in those natural products, and then you decide the recipe to use for your own product.

The book, Skin Whitening Forever specially addresses this issue. It provides insight into natural ways of getting lighter skin. A chapter is dedicated to each natural ingredient you can use in bleaching your skin. It also suggests some diets and lifestyle that may help you achieve your goal quicker.

Skin whitening products are everywhere, they are mostly effective, but most of them are harmful in the long run. When you use harmful skin care products at the end of the day, they will leave your skin in a condition worse than it was before you started using them.

To avoid complications and to protect your beauty, you need to look towards natural alternatives.

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