How safe are Skin Whitening Creams?

How safe are Skin Whitening Creams?

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Do you have blotches, freckles, dark spots and other skin problems that have caused a part of your skin to become darker than it used to be? Or do you just want to get a lighter complexion? If any of these two is your case, then you must be thinking of products you can apply to your skin to get a lighter and even-toned skin. The first thing that would likely come to your mind when you think of these is over the counter skin whitening creams. These are plenty of skin-whitening creams in the market, most of them work effectively when it comes to lightening skin tone, but their safety is always unsure.

What is inside commercial skin whitening creams?

Most commercial skin whitening products are effective in making the skin color lighter because they contain a certain chemical ingredient known as hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is the main active ingredient in those creams, which does the job of whitening the skin color. Hydroquinone does this by reducing the production of melanin, which causes the darkening of the skin.

Hydroquinone, however, has been banned in so many countries because it has been linked to skin cancer. It has the ability to destroy the DNA and cause the formation of cancerous cells on the skin. Because of this dangerous side effect of hydroquinone, many countries has prohibited its use in the production of cosmetic products. In other countries like the US, the chemical is not banned yet, but intensive studies are on the way to determine if it is a carcinogen or not. When buying any of these creams, it is always best that you take your time and read the leaflet, to make sure that it does not contain this harmful ingredient.

How Can I Identify the Skin Whitening Creams Made with Hydroquinone?

Skin whitening creams come in different categories; there are the ones for the face, the ones suited for whitening underarm, and the general body whitening creams. All these categories of commercial creams have one thing in common; they contain hydroquinone. There is even a particular brand, which has Hydroquinone as part of its name. At least, for that brand, you can easily know that it contains the chemical, and run away from their products. However, there are some brands, which do not make it obvious that they are using this harmful chemical. For those brands, it is necessary that you read the list of ingredients written at the back of the product before you buy it. This may be very difficult to do, if you are buying the cream online because vendors hardly list out the ingredients in a product when trying to sell it. In such scenarios, it is best that you check the manufacturer’s website, to get a full list of all their ingredients.

Apart from the obvious side effect of Hydroquinone, are there other dangers involved in using skin whitening creams?

If you do not care about the effects of hydroquinone, there are other safety concerns you should look out for. No matter  the kind of commercial skin whitening cream you choose to buy, there must always be an adverse side effect; if not now, then sometime in the future. If you look at the website of some of the producers or vendors of those products, you will see what customers are saying in the review section. Some of them complain about increased skin sensitivity.

Other customers complain that the product ended up making their skin pastry white. This is a situation where using a low quality face whitening cream may cause. This skin whitening cream makes one look whiter than they would ordinarily want to be.

Some other sites have reviewers who complain that they began to have pimples after using the products, pimples they did not have before. In addition, there have been cases of severe sunburn during the course of using a bleaching product.

Before buying any of these products, just ensure that you do a thorough research on the product, also read the product reviews to get the honest opinion of buyers who already used the product. When all is said and done, you will still find that there is no product without a side effect. Therefore, your best alternative is to use natural skin whitening remedies.

How about skin lightening pills?

Skin whitening pills have gradually sneaked into the market, and are becoming very popular. Some users have complained that they do not work, while others say that the best way to use the pills is by combing them with skin lightening soaps or creams.

The pills are believed to reduce the production of melatonin, just like other skin whiteners do, which leaves us wondering what the side effects of ingesting such pills would be in the future. Because of this and other uncertainties, it is best to ignore the pills completely.

What is the safest approach to make the skin lighter?

You need to bear in mind that skin whitening product formulated for dark skinned people is not ideal for people who have fairer complexion, So it is necessary for you to do proper research before you buy any product.

Since there is no way to get a commercial skin whitening cream without an adverse side effect, people have been wondering if there would ever be a way of getting a whiter skin without putting ones health in jeopardy.

The good news is that there is a way. In fact, there are many ways to do it, and they all fall under natural remedies. Natural remedies work better than commercial skin whitening creams, they are more affordable, and they do not have any side effects because everything in them are natural ingredients. What is more? Natural remedies will also nourish the body, and leave you feeling more energized.

What is involved in natural Skin whitening methods?

Before you kick start your journey of skin whitening through the natural approach, you have to consider some factors, which will help you get a great result. Those factors include; your skin complexion, your age, your race, and how fair you want your skin to be after using the products.

This will determine which recipe you will use, how much of the recipe you will apply, how often you will apply it. In addition, the holistic approach involves some lifestyle changes and dietary supplement. The natural approach does not just seek to whiten your skin, it also seeks to make your body healthier. So you have to create a new feeding routine, and avoid some foods and lifestyles which may be causing the skin flaws you have been struggling with.


As compared to commercial skin whitening creams, how long will it take before I see results from natural remedies?

Naturally, the human skin undergoes self-regeneration every thirty days. During this period, old skin cells die off, and are been replaced by new ones. No matter the kind of skin fade cream you are using; be it natural or synthetic, it does not change this natural circle of the skin. It must take the same thirty days before you get any visible results.

Therefore, natural remedies will take a period of 30 days before they give you the result you seek. This also applies to commercial skin whitening creams.

Where can I get more information on natural skin whitening?

Everywhere you check on the internet, you will find different natural recipe options. At some point, the amount of information you get might become overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, it is important to get a system that contains all the information you need. Skin Whitening Forever provides seamless solution to all your natural skin whitening needs. It contains all the information concerning the different natural recipes and how to use them to achieve the result you want.

How would you grade the safety of skin whitening creams?

In terms of effectiveness, both natural and commercial skin whitening products will give you the desired result. When it comes to safety, natural skin whitening recipes are your only options. With them, you do not have to worry about any side effects. Always put your health first, do not jeopardize it with commercial skin whitening creams.