Comparison between Natural Skin Whitening Recipes and Commercial Skin Whitening Creams

Comparison between Natural Skin Whitening Recipes and Commercial Skin Whitening Creams



Many years ago, the term laboratory tested used to be a seal of quality. In those days, it represented the highest standard of safety, but as time went by, people began to realize that products formulated in the laboratory can also be harmful to the body. This assertion extended from household goods to food products and even got to skin lightening and other cosmetic products.


Due to the dangers that has been associated with many laboratory-produced items, people are running away from them and seeking a way out through natural alternatives.

One of these items is skin-lightening products. In this article, we will compare between chemical skin whitening creams and natural skin whitening recipes. After this comparison, it should be easy for you to know which one is the better option for you.


The first thing that comes to mind when you want to make a choice of skin whitening product, is Effectiveness. You obviously want to go for a product that can remove the dark patches, brown spots, and other skin flaws that are plaguing your skin. When it comes to effectiveness, both natural skin whitening recipes and the laboratory made ones are equally effective. So in this aspect, they’re both good to go.

Another important factor you must consider is safety. You certainly do not want to use a product that will damage your skin or expose your health to great danger, so this point is very important.


Most commercial skin whitening creams contain some chemical ingredients that are harmful to the skin. One of such chemicals is hydroquinone, which has been implicated with the development of skin cancer. It has also been reported to be bad for pregnant women, as it can cause malformation of fetus. Some other ingredients contained in chemical skin whitening products are very harsh, so they are very harmful to people with sensitive skin.

On the other hand, natural skin whitening creams are made with totally natural ingredients; mostly fruits and vegetables, which you already consume on daily basis. These items are very nutritious, and they do not have any side effects.


Now let us consider their prices. Commercial skin whitening products are always very expensive when compared to natural recipes. Before you can buy a good skin-whitening product in the market, you must have spent more than double of the amount it would cost you to prepare your own natural recipe. Natural Skin Whitening creams are made from items you have in the kitchen, or things you can easily pick up in your garden, or the grocery store down the street.


Finally, because you are the one producing your skin whitening recipe, you know exactly what ingredients to use, hence you can avoid those fruits or vegetables you’re allergic to. You also get to make use of your natural recipe when it is fresh, unlike some commercial skin whiteners, which stay on the counter too long until they lose the effect of their active ingredients. skin whitening forever