What Causes Skin Darkening and Black spots

What Causes Skin Darkening and Black spots



The human skin is a delicate and very vital part of the body. The skin provides the first defense against external stimuli, and protects the internal organs from harm. Our skin is also the center of beauty and attraction, that is the reason why it is the most treasured of all parts of the body. Everyone wants to have a healthy, beautiful and fresh skin, but sometimes, brown  spots and dark patches form on the skin, and makes it look bad. Apart from dark and brown patches, other skin flaws also cause the skin to lose its beautiful allure.


Because or these problems, may persons have spent a lot of money in buying skin bleaching creams, and in performing several cosmetic procedures in other to get a spotless skin. As much as you want to get your face rid of brown spots and dark patches, it is very important for you to understand the factors that cause these flaws in the first place, as it would help you know how to avoid or treat them. Here are some of the common causes.


The Sun

When the sun hits on the skin intensely, it triggers the production of melanin, a chemical substance which causes the darkening of the skin. This is the reason why areas of the skin which are in too much contact with the sun, such as the face, upper arm, upper part of the chest, the back, and the shoulders, are very prone to the darkening and development of brown spots. To keep your skin from becoming dark, you must stay away from the sun as much as you can.


Hormonal imbalance

Unstable amounts of certain hormones, especially estrogen in women, is one of the leading causes of brown spot on the face and other parts of the skin. This happens more after pregnancy and during ovulation period.



As one advances in age, the skin also begins to get old. This is closely accompanied by some skin flaws such as the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, dark spots and brown spots. Although there are people whose skin stay for long without having any spots, sometime along the line, age will certainly take its course.


Acne, rashes and bruises

Wounds and rashes most times leave permanent marks on the affected areas of the skin. Some injuries which do not completely heal, or which were forcefully treated, most times leave scars which blacken, or become brown, thereby giving the skin another shade of color. Some acne are also so severe that when they heal, they leave dark or brown spots on the skin. This mainly happens when you continuously pick on the acne, or when you don’t make use of the right treatment.


These four points are the main guilty party that cause dark patches and brown spots on the face. It is important for you to avoid the sun, and when it is inevitable, use sunscreen lotion to protect your skin, or wear hats and protective clothing.

When there’s an acne on your skin, make sure you consult an expert, to give you recommendations on the right treatment to use.