Methods Involved in Professional Skin Lightening

Methods Involved in Professional Skin Lightening


There are different methods of skin whitening; depending on the type or degree of hyper-pigmentation one wants to treat, using cosmetic products or undergoing a dermatological procedure may be the option. For instance, when you have a little brown or black spot on your face, you can walk into a spa and they will take care of it quite fine; but if the spots are excessive, it becomes ideal to visit a dermatologist, who will treat the flaw with advanced medical procedures. On the other hand, some kinds of skin flaws will require you to just buy a skin whitening cream, and they will be nicely taken care of.

There are different dermatological techniques and procedures professionals use to get rid of dark spots, brown spots and discolored skin patches. A certain chemical technique involves the process of exfoliating the portions of the epidermis which have been decolorized as a result of hyperpigmentation. Before this procedure takes place, you will need to consult a dermatologist, to find out which exfoliator would be suitable for you. Some of the commonly used chemical exfoliators are BHA, Retinoid and AHA. After the doctor has determined the right chemical to use, you will need to take a bath and clean your body thoroughly, so as to remove all impurities from your face or targeted parts of the body. The next thing would be to apply the chemical on the affected area for 10 to 30 minutes. The duration of time would be dependent on your skin type, the concentration of exfoliator, and how severe the condition is.

After the time elapses, the chemical is then gently wiped off, and a moisturizer is used to sooth the treated area so that it doesn’t dry up. The dermatologist would have to give you some instructions, and some idea of what to expect in the next few days, such as peeling and flaking of the skin around the treated areas. You must make sure that you don’t pick at the flaky skin, to avoid scarring. Also, this is the period you should avoid exposing yourself to the sun, and also apply a good sunscreen when going out.

Some other professional skin whitening treatments are micro laser treatment, bleaching treatment or microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion involves a procedure just like the one we’ve talked about. The difference, however, is that microdermabrasion involves change of color of the skin in the treated areas, instead of flaking and peeling. On the other hand, the stages involved in micro laser treatment are the cleaning stage, the gel application stage, and the laser light illumination stage. After these, the dermatologists remove the gel and give the patient some indications. Most times, the procedure is done more than once.

These and other professional treatments are safe and effective, but they are often very expensive. Read about the natural and affordable method; skin whitening forever