Key Factors Influencing Rosacea

Key Factors Influencing Rosacea


Skin Microbiome changes could have an effect on Rosacea

The effects skin microbiota could have an effect on Rosacea was the main agenda during the summer New York meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.

An associate professor of dermatology, School of Medicine, George Washington University, Dr. Adam Friedman is of the opinion that if we could view our skin as a layer of protection against allergens and antigens and also a reservoir for water then we also need to have the same mindset of the skin playing a protective role when microbiota is involved.

This is because microbiota shields the body from deadly pathogens, once the skin is comprised as a result of inflammation or injuries, the composition of the microbiota changes.

Furthering his point, Dr. Friedman went on to say every human skin contains Demodex although it varies of individual to individual, and the number of Demodex present varies proportionally to the severity of the disease. However it should be pointed out the number is not responsible for the disease.

Studies have shown that inflammation has an important role to play in rosacea, it is responsible for the difference in the composition of the skin. Inflammation causes the composition of the skin to change which create an environment for it to thrive but it isn’t the cause of the initial problem.

In his final analysis Dr. Friedman emphasized the need for more research in order to ascertain his hypothesis.




Enjoying your football game without experiencing Rosacea Flare-ups

Yeeepie!!! The football season is here again. Irrespective of the team you support or league you follow or you are just a causal football fan, we all have a reason to mingle and watch our favorite sport.

It is usually an exciting experience watching football with your family or close friends. It provides for an avenue to relax and take your mind of the stress of the previous week. Asides being an enjoyable experience, it could also be something that could turn into a red flag for rosacea flare-ups.

Below we would be discussing on some useful tips to prevent rosacea flare-ups.

Come prepared: you could do well to go outside on a sunny day wearing a hat or a sunscreen to shield your face from the sun. It would also help to carry a scarf along with you to protect your face from the wind just in case the need arises, as one cannot with all certainty predict the weather these days.

Be Selective: Avoid getting engrossed in the euphoria of the game from selecting items that are acceptable to rosacea. Ensure you take extra care when selecting the snacks you take. It would do a whole lot of good if you could avoid ingredients that could boost your rosacea. It would help if you could ask in a polite manner the ingredients that were used to prepare the dishes.

Consume a lot of water: for those that alcohol affects their skin, it would help if they could limit its intake. Instead of taking alcohol, take a lot of water and other beverages that do not contain alcohol.

Take a walk: If you notice the pressure of the game is beginning to get to you, you should take a walk at this point to ease the tension and relax. You could try visiting the refreshment spot to have a cool drink and cool down.

Enjoy yourself: This is the main reason why you came out initially, isn’t it? We all know football cold be tense and exhausting both physically and emotionally. A well documented impact of stress that could have on rosacea patients when compared to others. We could do well to remember that the goal of watching football is for entertainment and if you notice you are not being entertained, I advise you stand up and leave. Check Rosacea free forever treatment