Keep Yourself Calm and Your Skin Will Keep Calm with You

Keep Yourself Calm and Your Skin Will Keep Calm with You



It is not unknown that a major trigger for the flaring up of the rosacea is stress, but there is new research placing emphasis on the direct impact of stress on the skin.


According to the Chairman of the dermatology department of Weill Cornell Medical College known as Dr. Richard Granstein, who is also a part of the Medical Advisory Board of the National Rosacea Society, “ Almost every individual has some sort of stress in their life so it is not easy to determine if stress can worsen skin diseases.

Nonetheless, he also stated that for a long while, it had been known that the nervous system which is responsible for processing stress, has an effect on conditions like rosacea and psoriasis.


In a presentation which took place at the American Academy of Dermatology, during a summer meeting, Dr.Granstein talked about research into the link between the skin and the nervous system as well as the pathophysiologic processes which are a part of that interaction.


He also elaborated that lots of cells in the skin ranging from mast cells, endothelial cells and immune cells can be controlled by neurotransmitters and neuropeptides chemicals that are created from the nerve cells. Some of these chemicals can dilate the skin blood vessels and also cause swelling. There are some that also seem to control the skin’s immune processes.


Dr. Granstein also stated that in humans that are stressed, sections of the nervous systems are triggered by an increased release of some neurotransmitters and neuropeptides. This can have an impact on the way the body responds, resulting in dilating blood vessels and swelling in the skin of individuals suffering from rosacea. He also noted that these symptoms might, in turn, result in added stress which leads to a vicious cycle.


Dr. Granstein also stated that if we could barricade certain steps in specific pathways that have to the with the nervous system passing signals to the skin, without having an impact on the whole body, we would possibly have new methods of averting or treating disorders of the skin like Rosacea.


The great news is that the management of stress can be an efficient way of controlling your condition.

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