Finding the Perfect Bra for Your Breasts

Finding the Perfect Bra for Your Breasts



When shopping for bras, we tend to become confused about which to pick because there are loads of sexy and pretty ones but we have to also remember that bras have various functions. While bras are pretty, they also mask some problems and enhance our breasts. They can fix problems with droopy breasts, large breasts, small breasts, perky breasts etc.


Bra Types

There are above twenty bra types out there, most of which are designed to suit certain kinds of wears. For instance, clothings like off-the-shoulder dresses and tops are best worn with the strapless bra. Nearly half of the bra types are however meant to fix certain breast problems, sizes and shapes. Here are the following bra types that you could add to your collection:


  • Padded bra– these bras have soft paddings within them
  • Full cup bra – The full-sized cup of this bra covers every part of the breast.
  • Push up bra— This bra maximizes your cleavage as it raises and pushes your breasts together.
  • Demi cup bra – the lower half of this bra is a cup while the upper half has a lace design. This kind of bra makes the top half of your breasts visible.
  • Sports bra – This is the perfect workout bra. Elastic material like spandex is used to make this bra and as it has a firm fitting, the breasts won’t bounce or sag.
  • Underwire bras— the cup of these bras have stiff wires strewn around them.
  • Minimizer bra – just like the full-cup bra, this bras support the breasts and gives them a flatter look.


Selecting a suitable bra for your breasts

Knowing which bra will suit the size and shape of your breasts goes a long way in eliminating any breast problem you have. Below is a list of common breast shapes and suitable bras for them.


  • Large breasts:  it’s best to always go for full-cup bras because large breasts tend to appear larger when you wear the wrong bra. Sports bra and minimizer bras give the breasts a smaller appearance, so both are also ideal choices for this type of breast. One bra type you should never attempt to wear are the demi-bras because it’s easy for large breasts to spill over. When they do, the breasts would look lumpy and wrongly shaped.
  • Small breasts –if your breasts are small and you want them to look fuller and larger, it’s best you choose padded bras, push-up bras and demi bras. Padded bras increase the size of your breasts by an inch or two. Push-up bras bring the breasts together and creates more cleavage while demi bras make the top of your breasts appear rounder and fuller.
  • Sagging Breasts – brestrogen is a breast-firming cream that you could use to combat the sag. However, underwire bras are ideal for this type of breast, they will plump it up.
  • Uneven Breasts – for an even looking breasts, choose underwire bras. They make the breasts have a rounded shape.

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