How To Get Rid of Allergic Reaction on Face

How To Get Rid of Allergic Reaction on Face


The skin is a very sensitive part of the body, and the face is prone to different reactions and outbreaks. A rash is one of such outbreaks which appear quite often on the face. A rash is a skin condition that shows with symptoms of redness, cracked skin, itching, and inflammation of the skin. It can be caused by infections (bacterial, viral, or fungal), dry skin, diseases, food allergies, sunlight, and irritants.

One question a lot of people ask is, how to get rid of allergic reaction on face. To answer this question, we shall be looking at  few points;


Follow a proper skin care routine

This involves washing the face thoroughly and then using a lotion. A lotion with one or both of glyceryl stearate and stearic acid is recommended. You should repeat this process every day at least three times daily. Avoid the use of antiseptics as much as possible.

Use of ice compress

Ice compress is a useful procedure for reactions on the face which are a result of a reaction to things like poison ivy, heat, insect bites, or hives. It is a simple process where you fold a towel with ice on the inside. You can also use a cold compress to make it easier.


Try an OTC Product

Over the counter (OTC) products are most effective for those whose rash is as a result of a reaction to allergies. Some OTC products for this include calamine lotion, hydrocortisone creams, and oral antihistamines.

Use Olive Oil

The use of olive oil helps to improve the airflow in the skin on the face. It also enables the immune system to defend the skin from infections. The process involves applying the olive oil to the face after rinsing with warm water.

For individuals who still wonder how to get rid of allergic reaction on face. There are other forms of treatments available which include the use of;

  • Witch Hazel
  • Banana Peel
  • Honey & Oats Face Mask
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Neem Leaves
  • Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin E

In most cases, simply knowing how to get rid of allergic reaction on face may not be the best option. You should also learn how to prevent these reactions.

Avoid Using Oil Based items

The use of oil-based products leads to heat rash and in a simple way. These products prevent heat from escaping through the surface of the skin. The heat rash is a result of the heat trapped inside the skin.

Stay Away from Allergens

Knowing the different allergens that lead to rashes is one of the easiest ways to prevent outbreaks. A list of some of the allergens which you may often come in contact with include some food allergens ( always read the ingredient label), metals on watches, belt buckles, jewelry, and jean buttons such as chromium, platinum, nickel, and aluminum.

Take Care of Personal Hygiene

There is a lot of assumption that rashes are an end result of skin reaction or heat alone. This is not true as you can get rashes from lack of proper hygiene. Fungal and bacterial infections are the effects of poor hygiene, and they can be the cause of rashes on the body.

By following these tips above you will conveniently learn ways to prevent or treat them to get that clear skin you desire.

In addition, there are other homemade remedies and natural ways on how to get rid of allergic reaction on face that can be easily done by you at home using natural and safe ingredients; click on the link below to know more;


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