Big Natural Boobs: Top Rated

Big Natural Boobs: Top Rated



For as long as we remember, women did everything they could in their power to make their boobs look bigger and their waists look smaller. During the Victorian time, women put on corsets to make their waists smaller. Nowadays, 19- inch waists are not in the fashion anymore; clothes are less confining but the goal on how to get big natural boobs is still the same. Women these days desire for perky and firm breasts, and they have spent so much money and countless hours trying to reach a perfect image redefined by the media and Hollywood.


If you are not satisfied with your boobs, you are not the only woman. Most women are not pleased with the size of their breasts. There are ways on how to get perky boobs whether they are medium or small size, and without undergoing plastic surgery or spending thousands of dollars.

Many techniques can be followed to make your dreams come true:

  • A bra size that fits you; there are many women who put on the wrong bra style and size. You need to choose a bra that fits you perfectly and supports your breasts; you might be 100% sure that you know the size of your bra but there is a possibility you have the wrong size. In addition, wear a bra that compliments your breasts; put on half-cup bras, padded bras, or push up bras if you have small breasts. If you have big natural boobs, put on size- minimizing bras like sports bras, underwire bras, and full cup bras.


  • Wear clothes that enhances the size of your boobs; the style of the clothes play a significant role in the overall shape. You can make your breasts look fuller by putting on tops with thick patterns or material that flows at the neckline. To reduce the size of large boobs, wear high collared and dark shirts; do not show your cleavage and wear solid and dark colors. You should wear tops gathered at the waist to highlight the curves for both small and big natural boobs.


  • Eat the right food and exercise regularly; it will make your chest muscles firmer as a result, your breasts look perkier. There are different workouts for chest such as push-ups or using a machine at a gym that builds your chest muscles. Consuming a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables in combination with fitness are highly recommended for good health and having big natural boobs. Take multi-vitamin supplements and drink lots of water.


  • Breast massage is a good way to firm those puppies; daily breast massage helps to revive sagging boobs. Rup your breasts for at least 15 minutes with a lubricant including olive oil.


  • Maintaining a good posture is very important so stand straight and sit like a princess. The best way to make your boobs look firm and not appear saggy is to perform good posture; it will make a big difference if you start to pay a close attention to the way you walk, stand or sit.


Let’s be honest, making an extreme change to your breasts through surgery can be risky and not to mention the fact that you will be spending thousands of dollars. However, you can still have huge breasts by using natural and safe home remedies that will change your life forever. Click on the link below for more information on how to get perky breasts you always dreamed to have.


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