Dark Inner Thighs Treatment: Top Rated –

Dark Inner Thighs Treatment: Top Rated –


thighs and underarms are a natural occurrence which is very common in people. Although, dark thighs and other spots on the body are believed to occur mostly in people that are fat, and most people are unable to wear sleeveless tops due to dark underarms.


Below are the possible causes of dark thighs:

  1. Exposure to sun

Too much exposure to the skin to the sun can lead to dark thighs. This is as a result of the UV rays of the light from the sun.


  1. Too much fat

When an individual is fat, the thighs tend to rub against each other while walking and can lead to dark thighs. Also, too much fat in the body leads to sweating which can also cause discoloration on the thighs and underarms.


  1. Drugs and creams

Certain kinds of cream that is not suitable for your skin can cause discolouration on the thighs. Certain shaving creams also cause dark underarms. Some drugs such as oral contraceptives can cause discolouration and skin changes.


  1. Acanthosis Nigricans

This ailment causes discolouration and dark patches on the skin


  1. Sharp objects

In an attempt to shave the armpit, the use of objects such as razor and shaving stick leaves dark colouration on the underarms.


Dark thighs and underarms can be so embarrassing. In order to avoid this embarrassment, it is important that you see the doctor or try remedies in order to eliminate the discolourations.

To eliminate murky inner thighs and underarms, here are some home remedies for effective dark inner thighs treatment.


  1. Irish potatoes

Irish potatoes serve as an agent for bleaching. To use, slice the potatoes and gently massage it on the affected area. Let it stay for about 20 minutes and then wash and rinse properly.


  1. Oatmeal

Mix oatmeal, lemon and yoghurt to form a paste. Afterwards, apply the paste to the affected part. After it drys out, wash and rinse.


  1. Lemon

Lemon is a known bleaching agent for skin and other surfaces. It is a great agent for dark inner thighs treatment. You can dip a cotton ball into a lemon extract and wipe the affected area. Repeat process until desirable results are noticed.


  1. Tomatoes and brown sugar

Extract the juice from tomatoes and mix it with brown sugar. Gently rub on the affected area and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse off. Continue daily until discolouration is completely eradicated.


  1. Honey and powdered milk

Get a lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of honey and powdered milk. Mix all together till a paste is formed. A small portion of almond oil can also be added as a supplement. The paste should then be applied to your underarms and thighs to help even out discolouration.


  1. Diets

Placing yourself on certain diets can help reduce dark thighs and black spots. Diets should contain a lot of fruits. This fruits being rich in certain vitamins helps to give the skin a good colour. Also, if fat is the cause of discolouration, it is advisable you lose excess weight, which will reduce over sweating which leads to black inner thighs .


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