Face Allergy Home Treatment: Top Rated-

Face Allergy Home Treatment: Top Rated-



Understanding the concept of an allergic reaction

The term “allergic reaction”, is a way your body responds to an “invader”. In other words, it is the way your body responds to something different in which your body has not been used to.

The immune system of your body quickly fights in order to protect your body from allergens and other harmful agents such as bacteria, toxin, etc.


However, allergic reactions can surface in various part of the body. The face happens to be the most common area where allergic reactions occur in the body. Although there are numerous Face allergy home treatment available, the condition can be dire if not handled immediately. 


Allergies caused by seasons

Rhinitis, which can also be referred to as hay fever occurs during spring, summer or early fall, which is usually induced by allergies of pollens from, trees, flowers and grasses.

This causes face symptoms such as red eye, itching and watery eyes and can even lead to swelling of the eye.


Animal and Insects

Various kinds of animals can trigger allergic reactions. Bee stings, fire ants stings are known for causing dramatic reactions on your face. Also, some insects are known for causing hives, welt and even rashes on your face and neck. It is well known that people with animal allergies do not react to the animal’s hair. Rather, they react to the animal’s saliva or skin cell. If you’re allergic to animals such as dogs, cats and the likes of them, it triggers them to sneeze or even have congestion.


Contact Dermatitis

This is a type of allergic reaction which happens as a result of direct contact. When your face touches anything that your body perceives as an allergen, you might develop red rashes and it’s likely for hives to occur on your face.


When your body comes in contact with allergens such as poison ivy, detergents, hair dye, or even some brand of cosmetics, you’re likely to develop a reaction. Since inception, most people touch like to touch their face almost every day, the risk of getting dermatitis close to the eyes or the mouth is almost inevitable.



There are about 160 allergenic foods which include peanuts, strawberries and shrimps. So many people are allergic to one kind of food or the other. It is important to know that food allergy is different from food intolerance. Food allergy is when your body reacts to some certain food.


Certain fruits such as pineapple or even vegetables can cause itchy mouth or scratchy throat after eating. This happens to people who have oral allergy syndrome. Some food can also cause stomach ache. However, a life-threatening allergy there is can cause swelling of the tongue and windpipe. This kind of reaction is usually referred to as  “Anaphylaxis” which when diagnosed, needs an emergency medical attention.


Drugs and medications

Vaccines and medications such as antibiotics can cause hives to spread on the face, swelling of the lips and even anaphylaxis. General anaesthesia and local anaesthetics can also trigger allergic reactions on your face.



Hot or cold temperatures and exposure to sunlight may cause allergic reactions in some people.



Eczema can be a sort of discolouration on the face or even a scaly patch of the skin occurring on the face, back or neck.

Although what seems to bring about eczema is not well understood, it could, however, be as a result of your face reacting to some certain body cream. It is advisable you see a dermatologist when such conditions occur.


Diagnosis and treatment

Allergic reactions can progress and worsen in minutes, causing a variety of complications. It is however recommended that medical attention is most needed except for minor and localised reactions where you can use Face allergy home treatment.


If the symptoms of allergic reactions still persist or even worsen even after the recommended treatment and removal of the allergen, call a doctor. Allergic reactions maybe sometimes dangerous that it requires immediate evaluation by a physician.


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