Intimate Bleaching Before and After: Vaginal Bleaching For Intimate Whitening-

Intimate Bleaching Before and After: Vaginal Bleaching For Intimate Whitening-



The rising need for cosmetic beauty and the strife for a flawless skin has given rise to different practices over the years. From body implants to liposuction, from plastic surgery to toning and bleaching creams, the cosmetic industry is growing larger as many individuals are developing the need for a flawless look or simply just an improvement on their natural endowments. One of these is vaginal and anal bleaching. These may seem strange, but it is actually a common practice among people though certain cultures may frown upon it and some might consider it taboo even. Basically, it’s the use of bleaching products on intimate body parts to create an even skin tone with the rest of the body, leaving the individual looking flawless and attractive. Various pointers are raised in considering the right procedure in handling this process as these areas are sensitive and care must be taken not to damage the skin there. Here are some of these tips for intimate bleaching before and after:


1- Consistency

Once the process has been started it is best to continue until the desired skin tone has been achieved. Stopping before or taking a break from treatment could be bad for the process and desirable results could be unattainable by doing such.


2- Know your skin

Well, how can you go to the doctor without having a checkup? Knowing what chemicals or things you react to go a long way in preventing complications later on. This tip applies to all healthcare processes. People are known to have allergies to certain chemicals and these could prove fatal if not managed properly. This would also enable you to choose a suitable product for your skin type.


3- Choose your method according to affordability

Cosmetics may be expensive but that doesn’t mean we must overspend on these. There are various methods of carrying out intimate whitening and some of these include laser treatment and creams. The laser treatment is a great intimate bleaching before and after. It is almost instant and more expensive while creams take a long time but are less expensive.


4- Avoid hydroquinone

This is a chemical present in most whitening treatment creams and is known to cause cancer and other health complications when used for long periods. It is quite hazardous to your health and any product containing this should be avoided entirely.


5- Consult a dermatologist

These are professionals that are experts at skin care, it is a wise course of action to seek their opinion and diagnosis before undergoing any such procedures. They would be able to give you expert tips and advice as well as carry out tests for a better result.


With this last point, one would not need much information on intimate whitening. The likes of models and actors are not odd to the procedure as most of them intend to have perfect physique and looks to appeal to the public eye even when they have to play scenes that are R-rated. Even couples go through the procedure to entice their spouses when they get intimate, and it would be also a way of bonding for a spouse to undergo such a procedure just for their partner. So do not frown on the practice as it is a personal thing and isn’t particularly done for the general public. Won’t you find it strange that someone is really fair and white skinned facially and brown down there!


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