Huge Boobs: How to Perk them Without Surgery

Huge Boobs: How to Perk them Without Surgery




Many women prefer going for implants to boost the appearance of their breasts and grow huge boobs but this surgery is both complicated and costly. For those who would prefer getting firm breasts in a natural way rather than through surgery; there is good news for you. You can boost the appearance of your breasts without going under the knife through various methods.


Bra Support

It is important that you put on the right type and size of bra if you want great looking breasts. Many women could be wearing the wrong size of bra and not know. You should go to a professional for measurement if you are not sure about your bra size. It is not a big deal to go to a professional for advice even if you think your bra size is perfect. It’s not only cup size that needs consideration when selecting a bra.


Your overall appearance largely depends on the style of bra you put on. Smaller breasts will look plumper and larger with padded bras, half-cup bras and push-up bras. The bad side is that they also misshape large breasts. Large boobs need the kind of optimal support that a sports bra, undersize bra and full-cup bra would give.


Tone Your Breasts with Exercise

You cannot firm up your breast like your biceps because they are made up of mammary glands, connective tissues and fat. However, the pectoral muscles, which are directly beneath the breasts, can be made firm. Your breasts will look fuller and firmer when they have a firm foundation to rest on.


Firm up your boobs with the following great exercises:

  • Bench Press – lie on a weight bench supporting a barbell with your face up. Lift out the barbell from the supports and hold it directly across your chest. Slowly bring down the barbell until it makes contact with your chest. Slowly push it up again. Repeat the process 10 to 12 times.
  • Butterfly Press – Using a set of dumbbells or a butterfly machine and a weight bench, raise the weights above your chest and make sure the weights are close together. Stretch out your arms until they are on the same level with the floor. Raise your arms and close them. Also repeat this 10-20 times.
  • Incline Push Ups– You can do incline push-ups against a kitchen counter or a wall. They are similar to push-ups on the floor but it’s not compulsory to go down that far. The traditional push-ups are generally more difficult compared to these.


Although you can get a firm foundation through exercise, you still have to give your body other kinds of care. Combine the strength training you do twice a week with healthy, balanced diet. Taking a dose of vitamin C everyday helps because various studies show that they improve the elasticity of connective tissues.


Massaging Techniques


To improve the tone and circulation of your breasts, massage them every day. Massaging also gives the body the ability to absorb fat cells and this aids weight reduction. You can follow a proven technique to get huge boobs by clicking on the link below, or use a moisturizer to massage your breasts every day for 15 minutes. You can also apply anti-aging moisturizer to make your skin plump.


As you follow these tips, also ensure to pick clothes that suit your breast size. Women with small or big breasts should not go for shirts that are too tight, as these do not look good on them. Scarves and long necklaces also make small breasts look bigger. Women with large breasts should opt for shirts that have one colour, preferably of dark hue like black or navy. Stay away from clothes that reveal too much cleavage or have plunging necklines. Go for high necklines that make the trunk look longer as they would make your breasts look smaller.


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