Teen Boobs can Look Bigger without Stuffing or Surgery

Teen Boobs can Look Bigger without Stuffing or Surgery



Gone are those days when you have to stuff tissue paper inside your bra.


Padded bras are now a common commodity in the market; you will even find them attached to bathing suits, leotards and shirts. Padded bra is our trusted alternative when we cannot consider going for breast implants. However, the challenging part comes with meeting a future husband.


Padded bras are also a failure in the dress department, a dress hardly fits perfectly without a full chest and a high tech padded bra that would fit underneath without being obvious is yet to be invented.


People often opt for breast implants to get huge breasts because of the complexities that come with padded bras. There are those, however, that crosses surgery off due to the costs and risks involved. The good news is that you can get teen boobs by following some simple methods. These tips will not only make your breasts look big in clothes but will also keep them that way with clothes off.



If you’ve been applying bronzer only to get a glow during summer time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that it can also boost our breast size. Go get your favorite bronzer and start enjoying a fuller cleavage immediately.


This is how:

-use a makeup brush that is full and bushy to swipe bronzer.


-with the bronze now on the brush, swipe it between breasts, up to the cleavage and move upwards, making an overturned L shape above both breasts. This would define your breasts in a new way and make them look perky and full. Ensure you blend in well so that it would like shadows  instead of mere orange lines.


Work Out 

Go to the local weight room with your female friends. It seems a bit manly to work on the pectoral muscles, however these muscles that are directly underneath our breast tissue are integral to helping achieve teen boobs in a natural way. Your muscles will begin to develop lightly when you bench press just a little amount of weight. As time goes on, the exercise will make your breasts take an upward turn and increase by one whole cup, your cup size.


Have Tan Lines

If you do not mind tan lines, then you should have them so that when you are nude, in a women only room, your breasts would look plumper. Besides the fact that there is a plain contrast between light and dark skin, when something is lighter in color, it appears larger. Actually, we look 10 pounds slimmer with a tanned skin–according to a proven logic, same goes for our breasts.


Breast Enhancement Cream

A lot of skepticism shrouds the use of home breast enhancement creams; nevertheless, they are really effective and would increase the production of fat cells, which in turn, expands the bust. You stimulate the fat cells by just massaging your breasts, doing this with an enhancement cream will really push out your breasts. In fact, there are women who after using home remedy cream for six straight months experienced a growth of up to 2-cup sizes while many others had an increase of up to 1-½ cup. The extent to which your teen boobs will grow fast or large depends on your body.


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