Products to Reduce Redness on Face: Great Tips

Products to Reduce Redness on Face: Great Tips



Some people complain that their face flushes easily, some others have their face color change from time to time, while for many others, their face is constantly red at all times. No matter which category you belong to, irritation of the face is embarrassing. Over the years, I have come across so many people who been on an eager search in the quest to find products to reduce redness on face.

Redness on the face is very common with people with acne. This also happens to people suffering from Rosacea, in which cases inflammation on the face is triggered by exposure to the sun or when they take a glass of wine. Another cause of inflammation, especially on the mouth, nose and chin is a condition called perioral dermatitis.

The following are products to reduce redness on face.

  1. Cucumber masks

It is true that there are no scientific data that shows the effect of cucumber on facial redness, but over the years, people have used it as a natural method. This dates back to as early as 1649, when Nicholas Culpeper, a physician and botanist wrote about its effect on face.  To get the best result, grind the cucumber in a blender or food processor, and spread it over the face as a face mask. You can put your cucumber in a refrigerator before blending, if you want to get a cooling effect.

  1. Eat Anti-redness foods

Anti-redness diet effectively reduces systemic inflammation. To get the best result, it is important to follow the guidelines set for eating anti-inflammatory diet. It is also necessary to avoid spicy food, alcohol sprays, hot drinks and other things that may cause internal heat. You can also add cooling foods like coconut, melon, cucumber, papaya, peach and apple.

  1. Colloidal oatmeal masks

Colloidal oatmeal is a very great item for the face. This item is very easy to find, as it is nothing more than pulverized oats. It moisturizes the skin and absorbs oil, which makes it also beneficial in the treatment of acne. To use this product, pour some quantity of 100% pure colloidal oatmeal into a little water and mix it together to form a mask, then spread it on your face and allow it to dry for about 10 minutes before you rinse it off. You can repeat this up to four times weekly for the best result.


  1. Manuka honey

This honey is rich in antioxidant, and also has some anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial effects. It is produced by bees in New Zealand, that feed on the nectar of the Manuka tree’s flowers.  Manuka honey has been found to be a good item. For the best result, buy and apply Manuka honey of 15 or above UMF/OMA rating, on your skin daily. This rating is a standard for measuring the activity level of honey in New Zealand.

  1. Anti-redness teas

These teas are enriched with polyphenols which help rejuvenate the skin and decrease irritation especially in people suffering from Rosacea. Some of the best teas are peppermint, green tea and chamomile.

To use these teas topically, soak some bags in hot water for about 10 to 15 minutes, then you cool it down in a refrigerator. After cooling, pour the tea onto a piece  of cloth. Just like a face nappy, press the cloth onto your face once or twice daily.

These few items listed above are natural products to reduce redness on face. You can Try more effective home remedy by clicking on the link below, and you’ll get a lasting cure within a few days of application.


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